Birthday Note!

My awesome sister and cousin surprised me with a delicious  cake from La Farine Bakery in Karachi, Pakistan. Naeyi is my nickname created by my baby sister.

*Featured image is clicked and edited by Erum Shaikh*

Three days ago, I turned 20 years old. As I reflect upon my teenage years, there is a bundle of good/bad experiences and lessons that helped me to grow into a better person. I would like to share few things that I learned being a teenage girl.

1- No matter how good you are feeling about yourself, there will always be negative comments and that might affect you for sometime but eventually you will pull yourself back together and not bother about the comments.

2-You will maintain long-term friendships but there will be a time when you will realize that it was simply because you were in the same social circle and in constant touch with one another. I had many friends in High School but once I graduated, the phase ‘friends come and go’ made so much sense.

3-There will always be a body type for being too skinny or too fat but in the end it doesn’t matter if you are healthy. It is not important to have the perfect figure but being healthy.

4-Real friends will always let you know if you look ridiculously bad. Even in a picture.

Birthday dinner at Arizona Grill in Karachi, Pakistan.

5-Becoming friends on the internet with a stranger is not something to be proud of. Go out and make some real friends!

6- Even if you make mistakes, your family will always be there to support and shower all the love. You assume your parents don’t know anything about you but you slowly learn that they probably knew everything by the time you turn 20.

7-Life will unexpectedly offer opportunities and you can not always anticipate everything that would happen in life. But what is really important is that you know how to handle it. When I was 13, I wanted to be a scientist. Now I want to be a programmer and never had imagine about running a blog.

Teenage years can seem difficult, dealing with over-complex world but you will learn so much and be thankful for all the experiences just like I am. Thank you everyone for the lovely birthday wishes!


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