HOLA- Fuego Restaurant Review

*Special thanks to my sisters (Sahrish and Zarnab Munir) for coming along and helping me with the pictures*

I’ll tell you a little later how this restaurant served us the tastiest yet messy looking bowl of guacamole, but first, let me tell you more about the contemporary Mexican restaurant, Fuego.

Fuego is located in the popular Souk al Bahar, with a modern Mexican setting of patterns and comfortable sitting atmosphere with soft lighting and fun music playing in the background. The logo is quite interesting, its like fire but in the shades of purple and pink. I am not assuming, Fuego literally means fire in Spanish. We were welcomed by the marketing manager, Mr.Aditya R. Kambli, who was kind enough to introduce Fuego and handle the rest over to the server with the best smile, Eric. It was a little bit different kind of a tasting session as we could order anything we want to have from the menu.

We ordered,

  • Starters

Guacamole on the spot


Guacamole is a popular avocado dip in Mexico which is also loved by Americans. It was freshly prepared ‘on the spot’ with ripe avocados, salt, chiles, lime, tomato and coriander served in a stone bowl with Tortilla chips. Believe it or not, the combination was perfect- creamy, refreshing, spicy and healthy too! It was incredibly tasty and I would go back for it any day.


Tacos de Asada


I was expecting the basic american version of tacos but these were soft corn tortillas. The fillings were beef tenderloin, sweet red onions, coriander topped with chipotle and tomatillo sauce. According to my sisters, it was love at first sight. As for the flavourful and juicy meat resulted into an excellent choice.

  • Mains

The menu was long and detailed but thanks to Eric who helped us throughout. I must say, the services were top class.


Guava and tequila shots ribs

Instead of tequila shots, the rib was served with BBQ sauce as we don’t consume alcohol at all. The presentation of this stole the show, a beautiful tender rib on a long piece of bone, shining in a delicious BBQ sauce along with chipotle boiled potatoes and sweet corn. I would name it, melt in your mouth rib.

Parrillada de Pollo


A simple but richly-flavored breast chicken with vegetables and beans. Nothing extraordinary, all I can say that I wouldn’t order it again as instead I would try something new.



It was a delicious fragrant salmon beautifully laid in green mole sauce and accompanied by Mexican sticky rice, broccoli, cauliflower and green beans. The texture was perfect and soft. The combination with green mole sauce can never go wrong!

  • Desserts

Chocolate Fantasia


All dessert lovers adore seeing the chocolate sphere crack and get a surprise. Spicy chocolate sauce was poured over to crack the sphere and it had a piece of brownie with a gorgeous setting. Unfortuntley, the spicy chocolate sauce spoiled the dessert as its flavour hit right in the throat.

Tres Leches Cake


If you are big fan of cakes, you would know that Tres Leches means three milk (evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and/or heavy cream/whole milk). Lovely presentation, an array of merengue, marshmallow, strawberry, coconut ice cream and chocolate cracks.

  • Drinks 
Both Mojito and Margarita were refreshing with a little bit of tangy flavor.

Overall, it was a successful discovery of Mexican contemporaneity food as our tummies were full, and taste buds were happy. Huge thanks to Fuego, Aditya and Eric for the wonderful tasting session and all the food!

Have you ever had Mexican food? Let me know in the comments below!



Fuego Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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