The one where it was all about high quality- Burger Joint NY restaurant review

*The text in purple is from the previous review*

I believe in giving a second shot if the trouble was with services or if only one or two dishes were disappointing. Similarly, my first visit at Burger Joint NY was 23 weeks ago and I wasn’t happy. Then in 2016, I was invited for a tasting session and I couldn’t say no (even you wouldn’t have) to Mr.Jads promising words.

A little about Burger Joint NY, it is known as best-kept secret of NYC and for it’s high quality ingredients with a decor-like old 90s movie, scribbled walls (Yes, you can draw whatever and where ever you like) and simple cardboard menu.

(The place seemed like a junk yard and I suppose that is the theme. It is a cool theme tho! I quite liked how you could scribble on the wall and leave a memory behind).

Nowadays, many are more concerned about other factors than the quality of the meal. Mr.Jad explained us that Burger Joint is few of the burger parlours which uses quality ingredients and they are brought to the restaurant fresh, refrigerated, and used before they have to be preserved.

We ordered,

  • Southwest Chicken


A hearty chicken sandwich prepared with common ingredients; tomato, mayonnaise, pickles, lettuce and bacon as an add on. Just an ordinary combination and their own magic takes simple hamburger to a whole new level of goodness! 

Also, I have been reading that people are complaining about the size of the burger (really, how much do you eat?) Along with a side, it will be enough.

  • Cheese Burger with Bacon

The cheese burger beef patty is suppose to be ultimate juicy with moist melting cheese. The beef patty was well cooked and the sauces went along with the other ingredients but according to my taste buds, the chicken burger wins. 

(The burger was average and the taste was acceptable)

  • Cheese Fries



If you are cheese fan, you are going to love it as thin fries are loaded with lots of cheese. The cheese will start getting a little thick and dry but its classified to be fresh cheese. These are perfect for sharing as the portion size is good for 3 persons and the cheesy texture is blooming with so much flavour. If you like to add a bit of spicy flavor to it, you must have it with sriracha sauce.

(The cheese fries were like the ones you buy at the supermarket and you simply put cheese on it)

  •  Milkshakes

The presentation of these were well done. 

It was my first time drinking a lotus milkshake and I am already craving for it. The texture was thick and creamy with pieces of lotus biscuit, it added even more flavor resulting into a delicious, cool treat! According to my sisters, the chocolate and strawberry milkshakes were delightful as well but if we had to choose least favourite, it has to be strawberry milkshake (sorry strawberry lovers). They use Hagen Daz ice cream for their milkshake which is another high quality product.

(Incase if I ever visit again and my opinion changes, I will edit my review)

I am a woman of my words…I have edited.

Special thanks to Mr.Jad for a wonderful evening filled with fun talks and all the good food. He really convinced us and showed the better side of Burger Joint NY.

Overall, it was a second-chance successful discovery of good quality burgers with a reasonable pricing and portion size. I am going back for the milkshakes!

Let me know your favourite burger spots in the comments below!


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