Too good to be healthy-Mashakeek review

As a student, there has been many times where I will be looking for a delicious yet affordable meal. There will always be those favourite typical eateries but this fast food restaurant made it to the list as well!

Mashakeen offers middle eastern cuisine and is best know for their perfect grilled go-to sandwiches and salads! Mashakeen is also described as the Arabic version of Subway as for the three step process and healthy options. If you are a fan of Arabic food and healthy food as well, this is the place you must visit!

The steps,

Step 1– Choose which sandwich you would like to have. Mashakeen has  variety of unique sandwiches with both beef and chicken Kebabs.


Step 2– Choose the bread. There are 3 types of breads, pita, khubz and brown bread. If the first bite is not good then it’s the bread but Mashakeen offers high quality, fresh breads.


Step 3- Choose the salad filling and sauce. I opt for all the basic ingredients including mushrooms. The great fact of choosing your own salad is that you know you are surely not giong to get any bad flavours. About the sauce, they have a variety of sauce depending on how spicy you would like your kebab to be. All our sandwiches and platter were medium spicy for us.

We ordered,


The manager introduced us to the menu and then recommended two of the best selling sandwiches and a mix platter, we trusted him and we weren’t disappointed at all. 

Yogurt Kebab (Chicken and Beef)

The tandoori-style perfectly grilled chicken turned out to be a tasty and super juicy companion to a fluffy and soft breads (The brown bread tasted the best with chicken). Aggressive seasoning of the meat can become a bit heavy for the stomach but surprisingly this was so light and healthy. The combination is simply tasty! The thick and creamy sauce is the work of heavens(What is the secret?).

Omani Mashakeen (Chicken and Meat)

These kebabs are delicious filled with lots of colourful and crunchy salad and not to forget the crowd pleaser chilli sauce! The mushroom really bought earthly, smoky flavor.

Kebab Platter 

Our platter had a chicken, meat and veggie skewer, salad, sauce laid on the ground of yellow rice (Doesn’t it sound fantastic!?). Indeed, it was an absolute treat as for the fresh and high quality ingredients with a generous portion for two! It is nearly unbelievable that everything was literally perfectly grilled as the tagline suggest, good quality rice were used and the outcome was unexpectedly too good.  

Overall, it was a successful discovery. Affordable healthy kebab sandwiches and fresh veggies. According to my taste buds, beef Yogurt Kebab with Pita or brown bread wins! It is now one of my favourite sandwiches. If you visit MOE often, I highly recommend it!

Huge thanks to the team of Mashakeen for a great tasting session! 


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