Oye! It’s Amritsari Feast! Kulcha King restaurant review

*Note: For all of the dishes, it’s not the actual portion. This portion was for tasting*
Us (foodies) never realize the dept of Indian cuisine, India is called the ‘land of spices’ as for its exotic, tangling and unfamiliar flavours which makes Indian cuisine quite exciting. Under Indian cuisine lies Amritsar cuisine. The heart of Punjab, Amritsar is becoming a popular destination, food enthusiasts would agree!


The customer service was at it’s best as Mr.Amit and our server of the day Avinash kept us updated with all the details about the food and the restaurant as well. Avinash knew the menu well and helped us out as we were a little bit confused. He suggested, we ordered and it all made us happy. What an impressive team!


We had,

  • Aloo Angara


It is a common garden potato that’s been peeled, cored through the centre and deep fried. The core is stuffed with an unique combination of peas, chillies, poppadums, cheese and chaat masala.


These might seem innocent to you but they are little spicy devils. The perfect crisp on the outside and with spicy flavor and fluffy treat (starter) for all the spicy food lovers! (For those who have a sensitive tongue, including myself, for spicy food, it might not be meant for you but its worth the try)

  • Jhinga Koliwada



Our server had recommended this and we couldn’t be happier. Jhinga Koliwada is a spicy Fried Prawn dish. This has to be the star dish of the day, these deep fried crunchy prawns can be addictive and you will love every bite, I promise! The spices are going to blow your mind and you will ask for more! Absolutely finger lickin good! My dad literally ate the whole plate and I must tell you, he’s an expert when it comes to desi food(unofficially, yes).

  • Amritsari Kulcha

Kulcha are breads stuffed with a various filling. A very popular bread in Delhi.

We have always been hearing, “you should try Kulcha paratha at Kulcha King” so we finally did! Kulcha King offers with both veg and non veg filling options. These were incredibly fresh, crispy, heavy yet soft with Chicken Keema filling. It tastes best with tamarind chutney. Now we know why many people love it and we do as well!

  • Murgh Handi 


It is a traditional dish with a creamy sauce. A handi is an earthenware pot used for slow-cooking. Dishes made in a handi are famous for their earthy flavour. 

The delicious handi reminded us of food back home in Pakistan. It is truly a comfort food with aromatic spices and cream. Would have liked some cashew as well!  It tastes best with tandoori roti. 

  • Mutton Tikka Tawa

This delightful main course was an absolute flavoursome treat to our taste buds! The mutton tikka is perfectly cooked and not at all dry or rubbery. As for the gravy, it is luscious with all the spices. It tastes best with tandoori roti or Lahsuni Nan or Lacha paratha. Undoubtedly, we will go back for it! (I shall announce that this was the winning main course) 


We were given to two types of breads to taste, Lacha paratha and Lahsuni nan. Both tasted equally good but if I had to choose, it would be Lahsuni nan. Lahsuni means Garlic. Now imagine garlic plus nan? It’s brilliant! (Yes, addicted to Lahsuni nan)

In the middle of our dinner, we were served with the best onion chutney ever, you will never be able to guess their secret ingredient!  It is just too good and perfect to serve with meals. Many diners take away this chutney along with them as told by the staff.

  • Jal Jeera

To be honest, this drink was too sour for me but my dad liked it. It is an ayurvedic energy drink with many benefits so you might want to give it a try.

  • Gulab Jamun

Being half Pakistani, I know Gulab Jamun very well. According to my taste and experience, I have had better but if you are craving then you should go for it!

Thank you Le Pear Societe agency (Sana) for considering and arranging the tasting for me and thank you Kulcha King (Mr.Amit and Avinash) for an excellent tasting session and all the delicaes!

Overall, it was a super successful discovery! Simple interiors but definitely a gem for all the food lovers and very affordable as well. The team, food and ambience made us and our tummies happy.


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