Grande!- Per Te Review

Most of us think of pizza, pasta and tomato sauce when we hear about Italian cuisine but there is so much more to it and Per Te is one of the ristorante serving pure Italian food with modern twist of flavours! Lets just say, “the trouble with eating Italian food is that 5 or 6 days later you are hungry again.”

It’s a huge three story restaurant with an Italian touch to it. You will want to get up and explore all the pasta, bread and chocolate library setup! The ambiance will brighten up your mood.

I am happy while writing this, Per Te is one of the best places which defines the true meaning of ‘art meets food’. From starters to desserts and everything in between is done exceptionally brilliantly. Especially the desserts, you will not begin eating without the urge of clicking a picture (Instagramers may agree).

We had a foodie set menu for the Zomato Meetup but I wish Per Te took initiative to introduce the dishes rather than all of us trying to figure out on our own. So basically they kept getting food and we kept eating. To be honest, I didn’t like everything but they were few courses which made my tummy happy.

We had,

  • Starter: 

Yay (liked),

Bread platter


Focaccia is a Italian bread in style and texture similar to pizza dough. It is topped with tomato and basil pesto served along with arrabiatta sauce. Flaky on the outside and soft on the inside with pouring flavour! A perfect bread to have with tea.

Burrata con pomodorini


Burrata literally means ‘Buttered’. Per Te is quite famous for their Burrata’s and I shall announce, it’s popular for all the right reasons.

What is a burrata? Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. It was fresh and it has to be or else it might disappoint you.

What it looked like? Creamy, pillowy puff in a shape of a ball simply served with cherry tomatoes and basil leaves.

What does it taste like? First, the stringy curds burst and then the cream comes through. It won’t immediately taste like cheese. Tasty and cream ball of goodness.

Tuna tartare

A magical tuna tugged in between a flavourful wall of passionate fruit. As stunning as it sounds, as delicious it was. The fruit melts in the mouth turning it into a pool of flavor with a smokey flavour of tuna. It satisfied most of us.

Gamberi e calamari fritti con sale e pepe


Fried Calamari and shrimps beautifully served in a trolley on a wood with rock salt, crushed pepper, lemon and pesto mayonnaise. I love fried items (who doesn’t) but this was more flavourful than your typical calamari and shrimps as for the creamy pesto mayonnaise. Both werecrispy on the outside and tender on the inside.


I realised, all of these dishes had some kind of ingredient that I didn’t like at all. I am not a big fan of cheese which is why massive cheese attack wasn’t very nice as well. If you love cheese, then you might want to try these.

Carpaccio di manzo at tartufo (Thinly sliced beef tenderlion with truffle carpaccio, rocket and Parmesan cheese)

Saccetti di bresaola con caprino (Bresaola money bags stuffed with goat cheese,pinenuts, black raisins and fresh fig.


Bruschetta con stracciatella e tartufo nero (Bruschetta with Stracciatella and black truffle)

  • Main course

Galletto con fregola e mascarpone

Baby chicken with fregola, wild mushroom, potatoes, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and mascaropone cheese. Well-roasted, elegant and best combination of vegetables. It is definitely rave-worthy. Crispy, tender and delicious.

Orecchiette con ragu di agnello e stracciatte


Typical Italian ear shaped pasta with slow cook lamb ragu, mushroom and cherry tomatoes and stracciatella cheese. After all the liking and disliking, I finally had a fav main course. These adorable ear shaped looking pasta, (yes, Orecchiette means Little ears) are heavenly and the sauce capturing texture is chewy with every bite being packed with flavor. The rest of the ingredients go well with the pasta but I didn’t have the cheese which was topped.

Strozzapretti con funghi selvatici e tartufo


Strozzapretti with wild mushrooms and truffle This dish was a nightmare for my taste buds. To be honest, I almost vomited and it could have turned into my most embarrassing moment but it almost didn’t. From the smell to the taste, it was unbelievably awful. The taste lasted for long on my tongue and that troubled me for few hours. Unfortunately, this was the only vegetarian dish I had and it was a big NO NO.

  • Dessert

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can tell, the presentation and plating of each of these dessert are done with heart by a creative mind. Incredibly beautiful! Per Te is known and loved for their desserts! Yet again, most of these had cheese so it wasn’t for my likings but if you have no war with cheese…you are going to love it. Nevertheless, Lieto was delightful and we were even taught how to plate it by the Chef himself. It is a combination of everything I like.

Overall, it was sort of a successful discovery. Italian food is like an unexpected surprise, you can’t tell the ingredients until you taste it. If you are that kind of a person (or not), have Per Te for lunch/dinner today.

Thank you Zomato (Pallavi) for a great evening!


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