Smells Fishy-Fish Market at Radisson Blu

I’ll tell you a little later how this was by far the most interactive Zomato Meetup but first, let me tell you more about the 5* hotel, Radison Blu. Did you know that Radisson Blu was the first 5* star hotel in Dubai? Radisson blu offers an extensive variety of cuisines including Fish Market!

Fish market opened it’s door in 1989 and since then has become known for the freshest seafood. The ambiance might remind you of old Dubai with the majestic views of Deira creek. The beautiful spread of fish, lobsters, prawns, vegetables and etc in the ice along the one side of the room.

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We played a game to understand the concept of the restaurant which also justifies the name ‘Fish Market’.

Step 1-Choose the main ingredients. (I choose prawns as that’s the second seafood I am most familiar with, after fish)

Step 2– Choose the vegetables. (I opt few spring onions, 1 carrot and 1 pea leaf)

Step 3Choose the sauce. (I choose Oyster sauce as I remembered tasting it in one my foodie adventures and liking it. Also, Chilli sauce for plating)

Step 3– How do you want it to be cooked. (I quickly decided to have the shrimps deep fried and the vegetables steamed)

This step was not included but being a huge fan of cooking shows, I did it!

Step 4– Presentation (I asked them to put it in three layers, bottom layer being spring onions, middle being the prawns and top being carrot and peas with Oyster sauce dripped all over the prawns and chilli sauce only around the plate)

Surprisingly, I had won! (wohoo, all thanks to the Tv shows). This is the interesting and simple concept of Fish Market where it feels like you are in the market and at the same time you are getting to discover new recipes made by you.

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We had two other games, sushi making and blindfold tasting. Both were equally fun! In between the judging, we were served with food.

We had,

  • Shrimp with Lemon Butter Garlic Sauce

It was a huge steamed piece and it was incredibly delicious. Sucking the sauce off the soft skin is an experience to be savoured! You will never have enough and everyone of us (foodies) agreed. I highly recommend it!

  • Grilled Hallwa with Herbs


As interesting the name sounds, as disappointing it turned out to be . It was dry and under-cooked. A little bit of sauce topped on it might have helped.

  • Lobster in Red Chilli Sauce


This is the for all the spicy food lovers and if you are also a seafood fan…It is a  win-win combination. A luxurious stir fry lobster with a chilli kick. (It was too spicy for my liking so it wasn’t a treat for me. Bohoo!)

  • Egg Fried Rice


Great variation, the rice could be paired with any main course and perfect satisfaction to the taste buds!

  • Red Snapper Fish in Red Thai Curry Sauce

An exotic flavourful fish with a sweet, firm, white, textured flesh and Thai chilli made a huge difference but a better difference. Al tho I felt the fish was a little under-cooked.

  • Vegetables in Oyster Sauce


Perfectly steamed vegetables with oyster sauce, enjoyed with some rice. I never knew that I will end up loving Oyster sauce, it is a roller coaster of sweet and savoury with earthy flavour! Everyone should give it a try, go for it! 

  • Coconut Mousse


The mix of coconut muse and passion fruit makes the mousse rich and creamy, while the coconut crunch adds the sharpness that the caramelized pineapple and salted caramel sauce balance out perfectly. Everyone at the table agreed that it taste and look beautiful.

Overall, it was a successful discovery as for the freshest seafood, tasty selections of sauce,  great company of awesome foodies, all the fun games and winning Dhs 1000 food voucher (Who doesn’t love that?!)! 

Thank you Zomato, Chef Uwe, Chef Suri and rest of the Radisson Blu team! 

To know more about Fish Market –>


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