享受你的食物 (Enjoy your food)- Shanghai Chic at Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Review 

Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate is my favourite among all their hotel chains. It’s interiors inspired by Ancient travels are unbeatable. As soon as you enter the magnificent hall, you will be stunned by all the 88 lanterns hanging under one roof. It’s a beautiful scene and it’s a shame not to click a picture.

I had an opportunity to choose one among four of their restaurants. The idea of unlimited tasting night and my love for Asian cuisine choose Shanghai Chic. Shanghai Chic focuses on food and fashion with burgundy and black theme interiors. I adore the seating booths, a perfect place for dates and large groups!

For those who are unaware of how Unlimited Tasting Night works, there is a set menu by the Chef and you can order as many delicacies as you wish and they will keep serving you. Isn’t that like the best news for a true foodie, you can try almost everything off the menu as the portions aren’t huge but enough as for the unlimited options.

The services were at it’s best as the manager (I am sorry, I can’t remember her name) and our server of the day, Leeh, with the best smile made sure that there is no pork or alcohol in our food. We asked him to get us the best and his choice was quite impressive!

We had,

All of these courses are freshly prepared and beautifully plated by Chef Pele and are truly chic. It was so nice to meet Chef Pele and know a little bit about his creations.

(Tip- I know we all want to click pictures but if you don’t want to eat cold food then make it quick since some of the courses became cold for us and we weren’t happy about it! )

Salmon (Chefs special)

This is not on the menu as it was chefs special for the day! Just look at the details, simply beautiful! It is a perfectly fried salmon with a crispy, crunchy, pleasantly salty skin done in Asian-style along with thin wafer which says “enjoy your food” in Chinese. We felt welcomed.

  • Asian Chic Appetizers

Thai green papaya salad


Vibrant grilled beef and papaya salad with peanuts was a new and exciting salad for us. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the flavour of the papaya at all as papaya has a slightly tangy flavor but this was more savoury.

Dynamite-cripy chicken


I have to admit, this is my favourite dynamite chicken by far. The crispy textured chicken is divine and you will want more for sure (we did). The creamy dynamite sauce with a hint of spice adds up unique flavour to it and the juicy pineapple is a fun twist! I highly recommend it!

  • Fish & Seafood

Wasabi prawns (Signature dish)

Prawns were coated with wasabi mayo. It was my first time trying wasabi mayo and it wasn’t likable. It had an lingering and harsh taste. The prawns were crispy but the combination was a no no for my taste buds.

  • Dum Sum Delicacies

Handmade vegetable spring rolls

Believe it or not, these were the best spring rolls that I had in my entire foodie adventure. We even asked for another (#Sorrynotsorry). Smooth, light, crisp-crackly skin with full of tender-crisp vegetables and we felt true love (for food) in every bite. I usually avoid the sauce but this time, it was delicious which made it mandatory.

  • Meat & Poultry 

Marmite chicken

Pieces of chicken laid on a sticky and sweet Marmite sauce.This chicken was almost a showstopper as the marmite sauce was incredibly delicious but was so less and I would have liked it coated on the chicken to have its flavor.

Crispy lamb


Northern Chinese dish known as Mongolian Lamb. For my liking, it was overpowered with pepper. Otherwise, the texture was edible.

  • BBQ Roasted 

Duck pancakes


Meet ‘star dish of the day’, Duck pancakes. I wasn’t expecting this combination to be successful. To be honest, I had no idea this dish existed and I loved it from the very first bite. The pancakes were topped with some roasted duck, spring onions and cucumber along with BBQ sauce, then rolled up to resemble the Chinese classic. It was moist and chewy! Just simply great! 

Crispy chicken 


It reminded us more of shawarma chicken. We would have liked more BBQ sauce to feel more like it was a BBQ chicken.

Roasted duck


It was equally good as duck pancakes but duck pancake wins. Also, it was too cold and that kinda spoiled the taste for us as we were clicking pictures.

  • Dessert Specialties 

David Tang’s mango pudding


The minty flavour was too strong for my liking, it actually hits in your throat so its not a treat that I enjoyed.

Strawberry marshmallow mango pudding

I am not a big fan of marshmallows but surprisingly this dessert was delightful! The combination of wonton crip biscuit and sweet pudding goes so well together. A must have!

My cousin, Aqsaa came along with me and her favourites were Spring roll, dynamite chicken and duck pancakes.

Thank you Chef Pele, Manal, Leeh and rest of the Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai team for a fantastic tasting session.

Overall, it was a super successful discovery. Shanghai Chic changes the menu after every few weeks and that is gives me another reason to visit again to discover more delicious Asian with a modern twist dishes. 

To have the Chefs set menu for Aed 155 only visit,
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