Eat Krave review by Haroon Tahir

*Note- Krave is reviewed by Haroon Tahir who is not only a great writer but an excellent poet as well. Read his poems, musings and ramblings at @musingsofharoon on Instagram (I guarantee that it’s worth following, go do it!)*

Krave is a new health-conscious restaurant that’s just opened on the livelier side of Tecom, facing Sheikh Zayed Road. The eatery is decked out in minimalist décor with wooden chairs and tables which give a light, airy ambience and provide a good complement to the health-conscious fare that it has to offer.


  • Starters 

Chicken Sliders


The Chicken Sliders didn’t impress with the overcooked bun, glazed chicken and lettuce leaving you not wanting more.

Chicken Almond Salad


It was a bit of a let-down as the tangy-yet-plain roasted garlic dressing did nothing to bring out the flavor of the chicken and the leafy greens in the salad being on the staler side, going against the eatery’s claim of freshness.

Spicy Edamame


The Spicy Edamame, however, was completely on-point and my dining partners and I couldn’t get enough of nibbling on the soy beans which made for a perfect starter.

  • Main Course

Chicken with Quinoa


Served on a wooden chopping board of sorts, the Chicken with Quinoa was a great dish with the tomato sauce proving a perfect complement to the lemon-grilled chicken and the mix of quinoa and vegetables.

Penne Arrabbiata


The Whole Penne Arrabbiata was also a winner with the wholegrain penne and creamy tomato sauce being delicious yet light on the palette, making it a perfect option for lunchtime pasta-lovers.

Pistachio Salmon

The main highlight of the day had to be the Salmon and Pistachio, where the tenderly-seared salmon and the earthy taste of pistachios were a winning combination.

  • Dessert

Dark Chocolate Wrap


The whole wheat tortilla bread with the combination of the scrumptious dark chocolate and the chopped bananas didn’t impress my taste buds. 

The smoothie that I tried, called Booster (an energizing mix of Orange, Banana, Strawberry and Pineapple) turned out to be a disappointment too as the Banana flavor of the shake overpowered everything else. The other two smoothies were very refreshing and it was good to know that Krave smoothies/juices are freshly prepared with no sugar added. 

All-in-all, the restaurant deserves a 3.5 out of 5 due to its stellar choice of main course items.

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