Better late than never- Jamaica Blue at Hyatt Place Dubai (The Great Jamaica Blue Burger Festival) 

As it says on the website that at Jamaica Blue  they “believe that everybody should take a little time out of their day to recharge, relax and reflect; to stop for a while and simply enjoy the moment” I’ll tell you a little later if Jamaica Blue is the restaurant of its own words. (if you know what I mean *lol*) Le Pear Societe invited us to celebrate the Blue Burger Festival as they had introduced many new options to the menu.

We had,

  • Solid

For both, the side was salad as Jamaica Blue aims to keep the food they serve healthy but salad with lasagna or burger is atleast what I won’t want on my plate. Maybe sweet potatoes? (YUM)

Peri Peri burger


The large chicken pieces inside with soft buns were delicious but it quite didn’t feel like a burger as the pieces kept falling apart and it got difficult to eat which is why a patty would have been better.


You can’t say no to this rich and cheesy lasagna. The texture was perfect. Not too dry or not too heavy for the stomach as for no excess cheese.

  • Liquid

Iced Chocolate 

If you have noticed, I prefer lemonade with my food but our server suggested that I must try Iced chocolate and I don’t regret a single sip. It was refreshing and oh so good with the unbeatable magic of chocolate.

Berry Smoothie 

Mason jar full of berry goodness? Loved it!

Cappuccino (Blue mountains) 

My sister opt for their signature cappuccino but our server suggested to go for blue mountain. We weren’t sure of what exactly blue mountain coffee is but we got to know after a little bit help of Google that “Blue Mountains of Jamaica are among the world’s most renowned coffee growing regions and also among the world’s rarest to produce these beans” Was it a little special than the usual coffee? Yes, its mildness delivers the perfect crisp flavour but very pricy. (AED 42)

  • Gas (Oops, I mean desserts)


Cookie-It is a darn good cookie that is now one of my favourites! Must have!
Carrot cake- Moist cake with a touch of walnuts. I would have it with afternoon tea but without the cream cheese frosting as my taste buds weren’t impressed with it.
Vanilla Cupcake- Being crazy about cupcakes, I was disappointed as the flavor was too plain as well as the frosting didn’t taste good.

Moment of truth,

We did feel relaxed with the cozy atmosphere, recharged with delicious lasagna, iced chocolate and cookie and enjoyed our time! However, it could have been perfect only if our orders didn’t take so much time and we didn’t finish dinner at midnight as there was only one server and many customers. It wasn’t our server, Edgardos fault as he was trying to keep all the present customers happy and kept apologizing. We felt very bad for him and thought that the upper manager should have arranged more staff.

Overall, it was almost a successful discovery! We finally ticked off another popular cafe in Dubai from our list and added it to the ‘good cafe’ list!
Thank you Le Pear Societe (Sana), Edgardo and Jamaica Blue!


Jamaica Blue Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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