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#2- Iftar at Awani Levant Cuisine #30days30reviews

We were having similar kind of cuisines and our taste buds were kinda bored but Awani blew our taste buds (If you know what I mean). If I had to put my experience in one sentence, it would be ‘expect the unexpected!’ Awani serves Levantine food in beautiful surroundings overlooking the beach! The ambiance is cosy with gorgeous Moroccan decorative plates everywhere and everything matching really brightens the mood!

*Note- ‘For those who have no idea about Levantine cuisine, it is the traditional cuisine of the Levant, known in Arabic as the Bilad ash-Sham. It is found in the modern states of Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and parts of southern Turkey’*

There are four Awani Ramadan Set Menu options available, each for 135 AED. We had an opportunity to review set menu one and I am mentioning few of the courses below. 


We had,

Cold Mezza

Believe me or not, as soon as we sat, the cold mezza was served within seconds and both of us were quite surprised and shocked to witness a perfect well-prepared team.

  • Bomali salad


A bowl of mixed fruits and tangy syrup which is an ultimate refreshing summertime course.

Hot Mezza

  • Othmaliya Chicken Balls


Fried balls with crispy chicken inside along with slightly succulent sweet halloumi cheese, typical spices and mixed nuts. I loved it and it was one of my favourites. 

  • Fareekeh Freekeh bil Fukhara

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the star dish. Having bad experience with mushroom involved dishes, I was afraid but my tasting partner loved it so I thought to give it a try and I am glad to do so. It is a mix of cracked wheat, onions, mushrooms and cream. It is a must have as for the unbeatable combination and delicious  flavour! 

Main Course 

  • Chicken Maalooba

The literal meaning of Maalooba is upside down and that is exactly how it’s done, a traditional pot which consist of layers of eggplant, spiced chicken, and  fried cauliflower is flipped over a plate! Full of tenderness and deliciousness! 👇

  • Beef shawarma

The presentation is done beautifully and you can make your own Shawarma! According to my taste buds, I have had better beef and this was my least favourite course of the evening but my tasting partner is not a big fan of beef and this was one of her favourites so I guess it all depends on your taste preference.  


Both the desserts, Ice cream Othmaliya and Layali Lebnan, were very sweet for my liking.  If I had to choose, it would be Layali Lebnan but without the chocolate. 


I had mint lemonade which is NOT a part of the Ramadan menu set menu! I loved how carefully the layers had been set and it was very refreshing. However, water, soft drinks, Ramadan drinks, tea or coffee are part of the set menu! 

Overall, it was a super succsseful discovery as for the quick services, affordable set menu with mouth-watering dishes. 

Huge shouout to Awani restaurant,     Azur Blue (Rasha) and rest of the team for a fantastic evening!  

For more information, 

Visit or call 04 424 8082 

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