Food · Ramadan 2016

#3- Ramadan with The Gingerbread Box #3odays30reviews  

You need to live the happy moment when you unpack a box full of sweet treats! Who doesn’t love surprises, especially if you know it’s going to be good! (Duh, it involves sweet treats) 

The newly launched concept, ‘The Gingerbread Box’ is spreading happiness and their June box story is even better.


What is it?

‘The Gingerbread Box is a premium sweet treats subscription box created with love to delight every sweet tooth in the UAE. The Gingerbread Box is designed to satisfy the most ridiculous of cravings. Come, be a part of our journey to sugar heaven!’

June box and it’s story

‘This month’s box was all about promoting women in business! Featured in the box were some amazing baked goodies from small gourmet and boutique bakeries in Dubai’ Being a feminist, I am so gladt o be a part of this and would like to give a huge shout out to The Gingerbread Box for a worthy message! Also, it is a Ramadan edition box.

June box had,

Menus, offers and all the other information is included in the box as well.

  • Date Brownie by Brownie Blue


I am a huge fan of Brownie Blues and as expected, the date brownie was delicious and a perfect post Iftar dessert. Dark chocolate along with bits of almonds is a sweet combination but a bottom layer of date was a no no for my taste buds. 

For More information, 

04-3444318 or

  • Ramadan Truffles and Cookies by Ouche Gourmet Bakeshop


We saved these adorable treats for Iftar as their main ingredient are dates and they almost taste like dates with a combination of other flavours like dark chocolate, walnuts, sesame seeds, rice krispies and etc. I liked the Date Cookies better as for the crunchier texture. 

For more information, 

04-3850011 or

  • Pistachio and Rose Cookies by Spontiphoria 


I usually and mostly eat chocolate flavoured cookies so I wasn’t very excited to try these but oh well, I would be a fool if I hadn’t! These were exceptionally delightful and even looked appetizing as for the gorgeous colours! Sugar cookies with chewy pistachio and rose flavor with a touch of chocolate. Too good! (Secret- I am planning to discover more Spontiphoria goodies) 

For more information, 

04-3388827 or

  • Date and Nut bar by Bateel 


The main ingredients are just dates and almonds. So simple yet so incredibly good! 

For more information, 

0 4- 885 8737 or

  • Free Awani Levant dessert

Fortunately, I have had both their Ramadan desserts and to know more, you may read my review 👉👉 (Direct link:

Overall, it was a super super successful discovery! I absolutely adore the brilliant concept of The Gingerbread Box as it’s worth it. I would recommend everyone to treat themselves once in a while with a box of happiness (aka The Gingerbread Box Dubai). 

Thank you The Gingerbread Box (Safiya) for making my day as all of the sweets in the June box were delicious! 

More Information, 

#KeepDiscovering #30days30reviews #RamadanwithNazish #TheGingerbreadBox

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