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#7- Iftar at Tresind #30days30reviews

*Note: All the pictures are clicked by Sidrah. J Humzah (EngineerbyFlair)*

I was very excited to preview the Iftar menu of the modern Indian fine-dining restaurant, Tresind as it is known for it’s molecular gastronomy food and to finally found out what’s all the hype about on social media! 

We begin our culinary journey with some aroma therapy and that’s when you expect more theatrical and twisted surprises! 

The 5 course Ramadan menu (AED 200 per person) offers great quality with a selection of traditional biryanis, curries and roasted tajines, presented with a unique Tresind twist.

 These would be my choices, 

Amuse bouche (French term which means a little bit of food which is served before the meal to stimulate the appetite)

The bouche box had, crudites, date candy, saffron and almond milk, meat fruit, steamed edamame, fruit jar and Salad of the day. 

  • Saffron and almond milk13454122_1151814991535753_409878685_n

I love tiny bottles and these weren’t just adorable with beautiful saffron color but deliciously refreshing with distinctive flavor of Badam (Who doesn’t love badam)

  • Date candy


It’s unique combination resulting into a good party in the mouth and we went on a memory lane! 

  • Salad of the day
  • Mountain Lava juice 13435714_1151814988202420_1437689336_n

It was made with “Pre made mix” of orange passion fruit and peach and Infused with fruits like blackcurrents, berries, passion fruit and peach. I loved the pieces from the drink to my mouth and wanted more!

Briyani with raita

They had several types of Biryani: Lamb Shank, Baby Chicken, Wagyu Tenderloin, Venison, Filet o Fish and Tiger Prawn.


The rice for all the briyanis were fresh and with so many options, it’s not easy to choose a favourite but if I have to, it would be Baby Chicken as it was not too spicy and a very comforting meal as for the great flavor and texture! 

Curry with bread

They had several types: Butter Chicken, Lamb Nihari, Goen Beef Curry and Laal Maas, Malabar Prawn curry.


Lamb Nihari was the winner main course, so luxurious, delicious and spicy. 

Roast tajine


Big, juicy, fresh, firm and perfectly grilled Tandoori Shrimp that was bursting with amazing flavors.



A really good, crispy Tempura and NOT spicy at all! 


Palate Cleanser 

Overall, it was kind of a successful discovery. The presentation, details, quality and taste of each dish is brilliant but as for the molecular gastronomy concept, that wasn’t highlighted well for the Ramadan menu. 

More information,

  • VENUE: Tresind, a modern Indian fine-dining restaurant
  • CUISINE: Modern Indian
  • IFTAR & SUHOOR Choicest selection of biryanis, curries and traditional tajines
  • TIMINGS: 6:30 PM TO 3:30AM
  • LOCATION: 2nd floor, Nassima Royal Hotel – Sheikh Zayed Road
  • TELEPHONE: 043080440/ 0564209754
  • PRICE: 200 AED per person plus taxes
  • BOOKINGS ACCEPTED: Yes, recommended

Thank you Pallavi, Faseeha and the rest of the team!

#KeepDiscovering #30days30reviews #RamadanwithNazish #IftaratTresind #TresindDubai #Tresind 

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