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#11- Iftar at Patiala by Kunal Kapur #30days30reviews

With new restaurants and cafes popping up every day in Dubai, we all have that ultimate list of the restaurants we will like to visit and I finally ticked off Patiala by Kunal Kapur.

Patiala is personally created by Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur (now who doesn’t want that too be ticked off) ‘Chef Kunal Kapur is a well-recognized Indian celebrity chef, restauranteur, and media personality known for his food-focused television shows, cookbook, and most recently – for hosting high dignitary’ events in India’


Patiala is located in Souk Al Bahar and as soon as you hear that, you might expect a view but there is no view at all. We visited for Iftar, it was all empty but few people walked in later at dinner time. The structure isn’t very common, it’s like a long alley with a relaxed and a little bit of desi (Indian) vibes. We scanned the place quickly, a buffet setup towards the end of the dinning area and open kitchen right beside it.


Patiala offers Iftar buffet priced at AED 150 or AED 160 with soft drinks or you can go for a la carte!

The buffet,



There are three tables; starters , main course and desserts. We felt that the variety wasn’t worth the price but everything in the main course tasted fantastic and we still managed to take two rounds. All the rest was average.

We had,


  • Dum ki Briyani

Light and very authentic flavor and taste with good quality rice. We usually never feel satisfied with briyanis in Dubai but this was darn good and served with raita. 


  • Murgh Methi, Nihari gosht and Paneer Makhan Wala. 


All three were creamy, full of flavor with the taste of good quality spices that you will expect from a fine dining restaurant. The Lamb chunks in Nihara were cooked perfectly with fried onion and yoghurt. Paneer is Cottage cheese which was simmered in a rich tomato gravy and flavoured with Kasoori methi. 

  • Palak Zardaloo Kebab and Gilafi Seekh

Gilafi Seekh was on point but Palak Zardaloo Kebab (Spinach and apricots patties) failed to impress my taste buds.

Breads– We were served with hot and buttery naan and then garlic naan when we asked for it.

Salad, Chaat, Soup, Dal, Shahi Tukda, Shrikhand and Semiya kheer are also part of the buffet. The menu keeps changing everyday.

A la carte menu,

This is a better option as you may choose whatever you want but I have to agree, it’s overpriced. We were first asked what do we like the most (seafood, lamb or chicken) but then Mr.Bharat was kind enough to get us one dish from each category. For all of these courses, the main ingredient is simple and has been executed perfectly into a very unique and interesting combination of flavours. 

We had, 

  • Malai Prawn 

Prawn tossed in butter, onion seeds and garlic served with Malai sauce. I was a little afraid to try these but it turned out to be good. The prawns were perfectly marinated and the malia flavor was a success. 

  • Dorr Kebab

These are not your regular kebab. These are lamb seekh cooked on perfumed resham dorra. ‘Dorra means “silk thread” and it is the unravelling of the juicy kebab with a single pull of the string.

As soon as you take a bite, different flavors explode in your mouth and you begin wondering! It has a very confusing and unique but enjoyable flavor. Also, it has a strong flavor which not everyone will like or prefer to have. If you are willing to try something new then go for this! 

  • Kebab e Barq



Chicken kebab with beetroot sauce. The chicken was tender and cooked well but the combination was not likeable as the beetroot didn’t contribute any good making the course ordinary. 


  • Bhapa Doi

A delicious yogurt, condensed vanilla flavour desert which is steamed, with refreshing raspberry sorbet and crunchy chickpea panjeeri. So heavenly, simply loved it! 

  • Mango Lassi

Frozen lassi flavored with mangos, with nan khati cookie crumbles. Had great expectations  from this dessert but it was alright. Didn’t like lassi in the frozen form but a very unique combination. 

Overall, it was almost a successful discovery. Great quality, unique food combinations and peaceful ambiance! Overpriced but if you will like to challenge your taste buds for some delicious modern Indian food, go for the A la carte menu.

More information,

  • Priced at only AED 150 per person, or AED 160 including soft drinks.
  • To reserve a table, call +971 4 4519151 or follow @patialadubai on social media.

Thank you Holly from Whos talking PR, Mr.Baharat and the rest of the Pataila team.

Huge shout out to Mr.Bharat for being an absolute sweetheart and making our experience better by providing great hospitality! 

*Note- I have read many negative reviews and comments on Zomato and also, that foodies/bloggers are giving high rating for the sake of it but I will like to clear that my review is only based on what I had*

#KeepDiscovering  #30days30reviews #RamadanwithNaizsh #Patialadubai 

Patiala By Kunal Kapur Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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