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#13- Iftar at Mayrig #30days30reviews

*Pictures are clicked by Sarah, the official photographer of ‘Ramadan 2016- 3o days, 30 reviews’ feature*

‘A young girl on a long and lonely vouge, a beautiful stone house by sea, and a book fully guarded recipes’ These are few elements put together from the history of Mayrig, wait till you read about the unique and interesting Iftar served at the Armenian eatery. 


Mayrig means mother in Armenian and that’s exactly how the experience unfolds, the interior and decor has been kept minimal  which feels like you are dining at home and your grandmom is incharge for dinner as for the relaxed atmosphere as well. It is located in Downtown which is definitely a bonus as for the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings including Burj Khalifa view. (Personally, Downtown Dubai is my favourite hangout spot)


To be honest we had no idea what to expect since it was our first encounter with the cuisine, Mayrig serves Armenian cuisine influenced by Lebanese and Mediterranean flavors but you may have heard the names before but the taste, spices and presentation is unique with it’s own special touch. 

Mayrig offers a reasonably priced (AED 150 per person) Iftar set menu including Ramadan drinks, soft drinks, tea and water. 

We had

We already had our starters waiting at the table and the servers were very kind to describe all of the dishes.

  • Dry Dates
  • Soup

It is a hearty lentil soup with exotic turmeric and earthy flavors. Simply healthy and comforting. Vegetable flavour is also available. 

  • Lebenese fattouch

The best fattoush salad till date, not too tangy, not too juicy- just perfectly combined and the bowl got empty quickly! 

  • Halebi Roti- Aleppo style roast beef served with mouhamara


Fresh and soft beef with pouring spices and olive goodness. My taste buds werent impressed with Muhammara so therefore, roast beef wins  and everyone on the table agreed. 

  • Vaspou Keufteh (Lentil Kebbe)


It’s a combination of orange split lentils, bulgur and seasonings. I don’t like having raw treats but these were definetly healthy, nourishing and best for vegetarians. Taste much better when dipped in the tomato and onion sauce. 

  •  Stuffed vine leaves
  • Hommos basterma 

Hommos topped with Armenian flavoursome smoked beef. A delightful treat, just like any other hommos. 

  • Mante


Tiny treasures, Mante are dumplings with spiced ground meat and topped with tomato sauce, yogurt and sumac. It taste delicious but I am not a big fan of the yoghurt. 

  • Lahme Beajine 


A round, thin piece of crunchy dough topped with fresh minced meat. Don’t forget to sprinkle the lemon for a hint of sour flavor. 

  • Stuffed Grilled Kebbe


When you take the first bite, its going to be tasteless as the good lies in the middle- walnuts and red pepper combination. 

  • Gdzou patates- spicy fried potatoes

You can’t leave without having these, they are work of the heavens with the right amount of spice and crisp.Definitely, the best fried potatoes so far in my entire food discovery journey.  

  • Printgou Keufteh

Slightly fried shaped oval rice balls, stuffed with marinated meat and pine nut. These light and crispy treats are bite size kebbeh but I am not complaining as there was so much else to eat. 

Main course 


Having a light appetite, it became difficult to have the main course after so much food but we managed to take few bites. Either it takes time to get used to new  array of flavors or you instantly like it. In this case, it took some time…

  • Chicken Moughrabye (left) 

Moghrabieh are semolina dough grains. They are cooked with chicken broth and chick peas and then all put together in one plate! It seemed like a comfort dish but turned out to be bad news for my taste buds. Very soggy and tasteless. 

  • Kebbe bel siniyeh served with Jajekh (yougurt with cucumber and mint)


A Kebbe meat sandwich with finely cooked spiced meat and pine nuts! Loved the texture and overall combination.



  • Banirov maamoul


Look at these gorgeous maamouls, these might seem innocent but they are wild once the soft cheese melts in your mouth and with a little bit of bonus,  jam! I personally don’t prefer with sugar syrup and might have it with tea!  (who doesn’t love cheese with shortbread pastry? NO ONE.)

  • Ice cream and Milk pudding


These are not even close to strawberry flavored ice cream. The flavors are Rose Loukoum and Jellab. I like sweet when it comes to ice cream and Ross Loukoum was very not sweet at all. Jellab ice cream is so unique and you won’t find it everywhere. It reminds us of Ramadan drink and is absolutely refreshing. Not everyone will like the Jellab flavor but my taste buds approve it!

After all the Armenian feasting, we sat outside and had Mint Grape shisha and I must say it was enjoyable with the beautiful sights of the road and buildings.

Overall, it was a successful discovery! Great quality, unique flavors and home- like ambiance. You might not like the flavors instantly but if you like to go on an Armenian discovery, go ahead as it is going to be worth it! 

More information,

  • Iftar set menu for AED 150 (per person) including Ramadan drinks, soft drinks, tea and water. 
  • call +971 56 3649794
  • Email:
  •  visit

Thank you Lama, Laura from Cohn & Wolfe and rest of the Mayrig team! 

#KeepDiscovering #30days30reviews #RamadanwithNazish #MayrigMoments #MayrigdoesRamadan 

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