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#16- Iftar at Soulfull #30days30reviews

While some people gain weight during the holy month of Ramadan, others struggle to diet as for the Iftar parties, lots of fried food or less exposure and knowledge of healthy food. 

I am happy that Soulfull is a part of the 30 restaurants as it does not only offer gourmet healthy food but innovative and delicious dishes with freshest ingredients. 

Another reason to love Iftar at Soulfull is that they are literally being ‘soulfull’ as the name suggest. They are providing free daily meals to Iftar Sa’em tents in collaboration with Red Crescent. Moreover, in September Soulfull will held a fund raising campaign in collaboration with UNHCR for donation and collecting money for Refugees and war victims. 

Soulfull offers reasonably priced Iftar set menu options, 

Good for 1: Soup, Fattouch, Starter, Ramadan main and Sweet Bites- AED 69. 

Family Iftar: 2 soups, 2 ramadan Starters, 2 Ramadan mains and 1 Kids meal- AED 99



We had, 

As soon as we sat, we were served with water, dates and soup. My mom and I were impressed with the well-prepared team. Especially, Mr.Rajesh, the manager for being brilliant at his work and making our experience better! 

  • Lentil Soup- This isn’t your regular lentil soup, it is made with black lentils which is why the colour is brown. Thick texture but very satisfying and a light mouthfeel. Served with crunchy crackers! 
  • Mango Ginger Limonata- As you may have already figured out by it’s name, a rich and refreshing sweet mango flavored (no added sugar) lemonade with a slight hint of ginger. To be honest, my taste buds aren’t friends with Ginger so I was glad that the ginger flavour wasn’t strong at all.  
  • Fattoush – Special fattouch with pomegranate, green apple, pumpkin seeds and pomegranate dressing. A dressing can make a huge difference, pomegranate dressing takes away the usual tangly flavor but taste equally good! So fruity and flavorful! It surely got over too fast! Must have!


  • Pumpkin falafel- After hearing pumpkin, we knew either we are going to love it or hate it but there is no between as it is going against the main aspect of a classic falafel, baked instead of fried. The moment of truth, absolutely love it and so addicting! The same crisp and chewiness but clearly healthier. It is paired with mint tahina sauce for a little bit of tangy flavour but I rather have it without the sauce. 


  • Soujouk tomato- We couldn’t guess what the dish was until Rajesh told us…it is a dry beef sausages drowned in tomato sauce. Juicy, crispy and oh so good with the tomato sauce. Especially knowing that it’s all healthy. 


  • Fresh juices (No sugar added) 


  • Quiona briyana – Briyani is not briyani without rice. Nothing can replace the true satisfaction of briyani but it is a good option to survive in a long term diet. Interesting spices and flavors with some of the best ingredients cashew nuts, red pepper, broccoli, raisin, edamame, baby carrots, baby corn, snow peas, sweet peas, baby marrow and saffron. I would definitely recommend this to all who are seeking for healthy options as it’s aroma and flavor is very impressing. 
  • Chicken potato– Chicken baked to absolute perfection with potatoes but felt like the combination was a little dry. My mom really enjoyed it tho. 
  • Protein bites (Dark Chocolate, Cranberry Pistachio, Matcha Protein)

It is very challenging to impress a sweet-tooth with healthy treats but these natural energy bites with great chewy texture and perfect for munching were delightful and you might feel full after having two. I predicted dark chocolate would be the best but I was wrong as my most favourite was cranberry pistachio and least favourite was dark chocolate.

Overall, it was a super super successful discovery! My mom and I were surprised that we loved everything HEALTHY on the table and we personally felt really good knowing that we didn’t consume even a bit of fried goodness for Iftar. 

For more information, 

  •  Visit or call 800SOUL (7685) 

Thank you Farah, Rajesh and rest of the team! 
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