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#19-Iftar at Fume Eatery Downtown Dubai #30days30reviews 

*Pictures are clicked by Chandru, the official photographer of ‘Ramadan 2016- 3o days, 30 reviews’ feature*

As soon as I hear/read a restaurants name, I am kind of a person who likes to imagine how the restaurant would be before grabbing my by Provider” href=”″> phone and exploring everything on the internet.

I had imagined Fume with dark, moody but dynamic interiors but it turned out to be homey, bright, modern and comfortable (surprise, surprise!) Fume is located in Manzil Downtown, it is a two storey restaurant with the top floor having Burj Khalifa view. (If you read About me section, you will know how much I love Burj Khalifa as a view). It was quite by Provider” href=”#44934949″> busy on a Thursday evening for Iftar which got us even more excited!


Fume serves Iftar sharing menu for AED 135 inclusive, Ramadan beverages, tea, water and soft drinks.

We had,

Hot Mezza


We already had our Mezza waiting at the table and the server was very kind to describe all of the dishes including other courses as well.

I like the word ‘Fumezze’, it is like the fancy word for Mezze (Well, I guess it is from now onwards). Hummus was a delightful treat, loved snacking on kubbus and pita bread while dipping them in Labneh which is strained yogurt.

  • Fetaoush (I see what you did there) 

The combination of feta cheese, eggplant, raddish, cherry tomato, baby gem and avacado really packs a punch. I liked it without the toasted flatbread but I still had those crispy goodness as a snack.

  • Quinoa, okra and pomegranate molasses salad

It is a very unique salad, with sweet and tangy flavor but as a whole, it didn’t impress my taste buds.

  • Ramadan Juices


To be honest, I prefer regular juices over  but I finally found a Ramadan drink that I liked and all thanks to the lovely server for by Provider” href=”″> recommending! It is Qamar-Al Din (prepared from dried apricot paste)- slightly sweet and refreshing! Other flavors such as Pomegranate, mint Labneh up and jalab is also available.

Hot Mezza


  • Soup– (Lentil soup or lamb harira)

I liked the Lentil soup more as the Lamb harira was too thick for my likings. 

  • Saute chicken liver


We heard beef from one of the servers and when we took a bite…we were really confused but we figured out with the help of the menu. Warm, fresh and high quality Saute chicken liver tucked in a small skillet with pieces of crusty bread known as white baguette was a great light course.

  • Fried calamari


Deep fried Calamari served with Thai chilli sauce and fresh lime. I love fried seafood goodies (who doesn’t) but this was different than your typical calamari. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Must have!

  • Falafel

Finally, came across a different shape of falafel presented in a cute mini bucket. Crunchy Chickpeas falafel tasted just the way a faldfel shoulf but we wanted more. Best to have with the sauce.


This is where we faced real disappointment as I only liked the juicy amd tender lamb chops (out of the whole mashawiand Dolmas. Everything else tasted quite average, the fish was tasteless without the harra sauce and chicken tawook, beef medallion, lamb kofta were all ordinary.


My absolute favourite was Vegetable meat Dolmas,

A colourful, fresh combination of both heavily spiced rice and little pieces of meat with pine nut stuffing was a huge success! A must have treat for the eyes and tummy as well!   



We have been eating similar desserts since the time Ramadan by Provider” href=”#32054160″> begin and I have to say, Fume desserts were one of the best so far! 

  • Umm Ali- A layer of cooked puff pastry, covered with cream, pistachios and contains Labneh ice cream . A heavenly treat! 
  • Baklawa- Beautifully presented and tasted even better. Rich and sweet with crunchy chopped nuts! Its too good! 
  • Basbousa- Small cakes that are are perfect with Fumes turkish tea. It was more a orange cake with a really strong flavor. Incredibly delicious! 


How can we leave without having the FREAK-SHAKE and find out if it’s worth the hype? It is NOT included in the Iftar by Provider” href=”#66457348″> set menu but the by Provider” href=”#62735420″> Manager and Chef were very generous and made on request. However, it is available after 9pm.


The moment of truth, the tempting Bro-nut was good enough for two people to share and it had sprinkles, marshmallows, brownie and Maltesers on the top. To be honest, I don’t like marshmallows or Maltesers so I by Provider” href=”″> directly digged into the brownie and oh boy, it was delicious, dense and super chocolaty- just the way I like (10/10 points to the brownie) As for the milkshake, it was below our expectations and we didn’t find any ‘wow’ factor at all. 


Overall, it was sort of a successful discovery as for the excellent Mezza , Desserts, services, ambiance and presentation but the main course could have been much much better. 

More by Provider” href=”#96861969″> information,

Thank you Iliana, Claire from Jas Hospitality and Fume Downtown team!   

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