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#20- Suhoor at Moylo’s Burgers #30days30reviews 

After all the Iftar buffets and set menus, a burger discovery was much appreciated and it was the only time I went for Suhoor this Ramadan. I usually have cereals or Paratha with Tea but for a change it was burgers for Suhoor!? Sure! You will know a little later if it was a good idea. 

Moylos restaurant is located at Jumeirah road with the most unexpected yet simple decor which actually makes it very unique, from the punny pun messages all over the place and on the walls to the baskets as one of their main decoration piece. It might sound a little weird for you but it has a great, colourful and fun atmosphere. The ambiance will brighten up your mood. They even have a lock wall but you have to get your own lock (Who carries a lock to a restaurant?)  

IMG_1213 13598978_1165121880205064_148609822_n13576381_1165121860205066_1012607202_n

Moylos is serving Bah Bah Burger and Date Milkshake as their Ramadan specials and we also had their best selling to get a better over-view! 

We had,


  • Onion Rings-Cajun tempura onion rings were crispy but way too oily for my taste buds to digest. It was served with truffle sauce. 
  • Parmesan Truffle fries- I wouldn’t be the right person to judge these as I personally don’t like truffle flavor but everyone on the table loved it!  


  • Moylos burger

A hearty 100% wagyu beef burger prepared with distinctive texture and flavours; a combination of Cajun tempura onion ring and cheese but the magic of the sauce takes simple burger to a whole new level of goodness! Must have! 

  • Chicken Run

The patty was well grilled and lemon juice and sauce enhanced  the flavour of the chicken breast. The bun was soft and moist.

  • Bah Bah burger

You have to be excited after hearing the name of this burger, but sadly, all the excitement was killed after few bites as it was missing the wow factor and the patty felt very dry regardless of all the other ingredients and sauce.  

Drinks and juices

  • Date Milkshake

Took a sip, all the sweet flavors burst into the mouth! Takes the second sip, something strange is into my mouth which I am unable to bite…after giving it few more tries, had to ask the staff and found out it is pieces of dates. Not sure if it was meant to be like or the dates were poor quality or maybe expired. Obviously, didn’t have the rest of it and was very  disappointed! Unbelievable! 

  • Fresh Orange juice 


  • Sundae 

You may choose the flavors and toppings! I opt for Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and Oreo. I am an ice cream sucker but this was low quality and taste bad so it was a big no no. 


Overall, it was a sort of successful discovery if we only care about the regular burgers and the impressive unique sauces but overall, it was an unsuccessful discovery as the Ramadan specials failed to impress my taste buds and the services were extremely poor because it got very crowded and the staff wasn’t well prepared at all. If you like to try, I would suggest to take away or get it delivered.

For more information,  

Shout-out to Liz for making last minute arrangements and the rest of the team.

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