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#21- Iftar at Butcha Steakhouse and Grill #30days30reviews

Butcha is not your typical steakhouse, it is a meat lovers happy place with a unique Turkish twist, located at The Beach with modern, stylish decor and lively atmosphere with an interesting open kitchen. (You might want to make reservations as it got filled up quickly)

Butcha offers a semi Iftar buffet for AED 189 (per person) which simply means the starters and desserts are part of the buffet and your choice of main is served at the table. I like the concept of semi buffet as it does help to reduce food wastage. 

We had, 

We were welcomed with Ramadan beverages (Includes: Water, Aryan, Jallab and Tarmarind, Kamareddine) 

The buffet was arranged in the corner with limited variety of salads, appetizers, mezzas and desserts. I really appreciate restaurants when they make sure even if the variety is less, all is worth it. Everything tasted fantastic with good quality and we managed to take two rounds. 

(Starters: Bread selection, Turkish dates with milk, jams, olives, cheese with dried fruits and nuts, clotted cream, pastries, cured beef and cold cuts.

Mezza and Salad: Kisir, Circassian Chicken, kofte, green beans, hummos, haydari, plaki, artichoke, eggplant salad, tabbouleh, fattoush and salad bar. 
Hot Appetisers: Soup, Manti, Cheese Lasagna, Grilled Kofte, Lamb Merquez sausage and beef sucuk sausage

Main course

Butcha only does wood fired grill and a char grill, which gives a better flavor to the meat products’ Also, great quality and satisfying taste! 

  • Beef Tenderloin

When it arrived on the table, we were a little surprised by how small the steak was with no sides which was ridiculously strange (the memo ‘fancy restaurants be like’ kept popping in my head). As for the taste, cooked perfectly to medium well as requested, the meat was of full of flavour, with smoky char twist. Make sure you ask for the BBQ sauce, it taste even better. 

  • Lamb chops

These were the work of heavens and I am definitely going back for them! There were only three pieces but it came along with mash potato and steamed veggies which balanced the portion. Deliciously tender, juicy slightly pink and melt in your mouth goodness that we ate the meat right from the bone! Don’t forget to dip these in the sauces! 

  • Beef Shashlik

It comes on a skewer and seems so tempting! The shashlik flavor is one of a kind but it was a little dry for my liking as a bit of spices would help.

 (NY Striplion, Entrecôte and Lamb lion are also available)


Variety of beautiful Turkish sweets with delightful flavors. (Baklava, Kemal Pasa, Sekerpare, Tulumba, Rice pudding, Zerdacal and daily fruit selection) 

Overall, it was a successful discovery as for great quality, delicious steak selection, helpful staff but the main course portion was too small.

More information

  • Semi Iftar buffet for AED 189 (per person)
  • Call 04 553 0684
  • or visit

Thank you Sumitra, Palak from Apco Worldwide, lovey Butcha managers and rest of the team.


Butcha Steakhouse & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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