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#25- Eid with Seven Sands #30days30reviews

I decided to review Seven Sands on on the last few days of Ramadan, because this is one of the best options for Eid lunch/dinner and it is going to be similar to the Iftar buffet.

Seven sands serves traditional Emirati cuisine and promises you a cultural journey through the seven emirates (incase if you were wondering about the name) but there’s something different, it is that unique modern twist that makes it one of the popular Emirati restaurants.  

The decor is partially dramatic with modern Arabic designs and paintings on the walls featuring the best of UAE, from camels to the Dubai Metro and much more. Moreover, the outdoor seating has a view of the beach (which is apparently ruined by the construction), and indoor seating is available as well.

Few of us bloggers were called in for the tasting with guest dining as well which at first, we felt strange but later explained that they wanted us to dine as a guest to give honest feedback. In fact, even the staff was unaware that we were bloggers. We really appreciate the idea and the restaurants effort to get honest feedback and improve. We actually witnessed that the services were poor as our server seemed in a bad mood and it would be so uncomfortable to communicate.  

Seven Sands offer Iftar buffet priced at AED 145 per person. 

We had, 

The buffet was placed in a array with beautifully presented salads, appetizers, main course and desserts. We felt, the variety was limited and all the mains were variations of chicken, beef and fish in rice so if you are not a big fan of rice, then this is not meant for you.


Ramadan drinks includes beverages like Qamar Aldin and Jallab. We were also offered cocktails and juices from their regular menu which is not included in the Ramadan menu! I have become a huge fan of their drinks and can’t wait to go back! 

  • Date Frappe- It is well known as the Burj Khalifa drink, I am not a big fan of dates but I liked the cappuccino vanilla and dry dates combination! I shall warn you, it is creamy, delicious and addicting! Can be easily shared between 2 people as it feels heavy after few sips! Must have! 
  • Blue-I will to call it, a treat for the eyes. The beautiful drink is refreshing with blue curacao syrup, coconut syrup, pineapple juice, fresh milk. 

Main course (Maleh fish, Chicken Margougah, Ouzi Rigag,  Aseeda Bobar,Harees,Shark, Sambousa, King Fish Machboos, Chicken Mashwa)

Desserts (Date pudding, dark chocolate & cherry dome, cheese kunafa)

The date pudding was everyones favourite on the table! Rich and luxurious pudding and my kind of comfort food! The kunafa wasn’t easy to eat as it kept breaking apart and had less cheese filling.

Overall, if was sort of a successful discovery! This is definitely a treat for all the rice (plus Emirati) lovers but the services could have been much better. 

More information, 

  • Call +9714 551 6652

Thank you Erum, Nancy, Saber and rest of the team!

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Seven Sands Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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