Pinsa or Pizza? – Dinamico Restaurant

I discovered a perfect place to have lunch where good quality and fresh food is served at an affordable price. I will tell you a little later why but first, let me tell you more about the traditional eatery which offers Tuscan food made with Italian ingredients, Dinamico. 13652823_1172398999477352_2015516924_n13714435_1172398996144019_1730297299_n13695804_1172399002810685_341892838_n

Dinamico means dynamic and that is exactly how the restaurants set up is done- lively and stylish while being family oriented. Absolutely loved the huge garden seating with a view of the iconic DIFC buildings. I found the menu very interesting as it had facts and details which you may read while waiting for the food. (I will be mentioning the bits in red text


We had, 

We were served with pesto flatbread (more like bold naan) which quickly disappeared and ended up in our tummies (most of them in my dads) They are so simple but sucha delicious start to lunch! 


There are two general philosophies about starters: those that believe that a starter is the beginning of the culinary journey that’s about to take place and those that believe that smaller dishes are a culinary journey in themselves!

  • Anti pasto di mare


I would like to call it an Italian seafood salad with pasta. This delicious cold and savory dish is simply colourful with fresh green leaves, onions, tomatoes, small bites of seafood delicacies and a little bit of lemon love. I remember the explosion of flavours in my mouth- squid, octopus, firm shrimp, and a mix of tiny clams and mussels. 


 Oh no, we did not misspell one of our country’s most famous exports . Pinza is the correct spelling for a variant of “pizza

  • Bresaola Pinsa 

What is Bresaola? 

‘Italian dialect brisaola, is air-dried, salted beef that has been aged two or three months until it becomes hard and turns a dark red, almost purple colour’
Our server recommended this and we weren’t disappointed. This is not your regular pizza, it is a flat like shaped light to stomach bresaola pizza with a few pieces of Grana Padano cheese making a statement with its own flavour making us want more pizza, without being heavy on the stomach. A must have! 

First courses 


One of the many secrets of the Mediterranean Diet is that it limits the use of saturated fats and instead substitutes this unhealthy ingredient with healthier grains and legumes

  • Ravioli Burro e Salvia 

Square shaped pasta stuffed with ricotta. By this time, we were really full so we took it home and the pasta remained fresh which is a sign of a goof quality pasta. A very comforting dish.

  • Gnoochi dello Chef

Remember when I said, we were too full? I take it back because we managed to fininsh this dish and obviously it became our fav. Little cheesy fluffy potato dumplings are heavenly and the texture is chewy with every bite being packed with flavor. Must have! 



  • Beverages (Apple and Strawberry milkshake were both refreshing)

Overall, it was a successful discovery as for the lovely atmosphere and unique flavors by which I was a little shocked that my taste buds approved ALL the courses as I am not a big fan of Italian cuisine but I am coming back soon to Dinamico Restaurant (you should too).

For more information,

Thank you Jenna for being a wonderful host! 


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