#Farzified yet?- Farzi Cafe Dubai 

Accept it or not, since Farzi has opened its doors in Dubai, we all want to feel #Farzified! But the real question is, is it worth it? 

Farzi focuses on Indian cuisine with a twist of molecular gastronomy. My personal opinion is that gastronomy is very pleasing to the eyes but if the food doesn’t taste good then it is truly a waste of time and money. As for Farzi, it is so far my favourite restaurant that deals with molecular gastronomy because not only, the presentation is brilliant but the courses are heavenly delicious! It is actually a whole package that you don’t want to miss including the energetic and exciting ambience! 

I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I will be only mentioning few of the dishes,

  • Amuse Bouche

Shots of yogurt and blueberry using the culinary process, ‘spherification’ and presented with liquid nitrogen gas which did excite us very much! Explosion of flavors were surprising even tho we knew what was coming! It was thrilling with the texture and mouth-feel of the yogurt as you could just pop the youhurt skin with the tongue. We wanted more of these shots! 

  • Chaat Puffs


It is the famous combination of crispy from outside and soft from inside. As you pop it, it is filled with curd and various tangy but very delicious flavors. I generally don’t enjoy the array of so many flavors at once but this was wondrous, especially with an edible foam.  

  • Shepherds Pie


Wagyu beef resting on a smooth potato mash bed with bits of crispy beetroot and fried potatoes on a half moon shaped plate. The tenderness and the succulence was on point! 

  • Dal Chawal Arancini 

I am most certainly out of words to describe the taste of these Arancini . The best comforting food turned into a modern piece of art and results into a spectacular dish which satisfies everyone’s taste buds (atleast mine). 

  • Grilled Aubergine (Baingan ka Bharta)


I am already not a very big fan of the vegetable and it was no surprise that my taste buds didn’t fancy the Farzi style of it. 

  • Jalebi Caviar


Would just prefer the traditional taste as this was a little bit hard to bite! 

  • Drinks

All the drinks are so creative and absolutely worth it, especially the coconut milk with tasty boba balls.

  • More fun videos 

I have heard many complaints reharding the portion size so I questioned Mr.Shivankit and after hearing him out, it actually made sense. ‘The dish is meant to serve one person and it’s not for sharing’

Overall, if was a super successful discovery and if you haven’t been to Farzi…what are you waiting for? GO! 

For more information,

  • Visit
  • or call +971 526892036/ +971 43942556

Thank you Bharat, Ruchi, Shivankit and rest of the team! 

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