Food, art and thoughts!- Carnival by Tresind

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Carnival by Tresind is a gastronomic affair offering a glamorous modern Indian culinary experience. Carnival is a sister restaurant of Tresind, brought by the same team and headed by Chef Himanshu Saini. It obviously created a massive buzz and just like everyone else, I was jumping up and down and couldn’t wait!


The ambiance resembles to a fun carnival- a bubbly welcome, merry-go-round look like seating, colourful chairs, metallic trees with little adorable kits hanging onto them. The details are stunning, especially the stylish infrastructure of the bar area. It’s crazy how within one restaurant, every wall portraits a different story and you keep wondering how creative human beings can be. 

Carnival is one of the best places which defines the true meaning of ‘art meets food’. From starters to desserts and everything in between is done exceptionally brilliantly. I bet, you can’t begin eating without the urge of clicking a picture or snapchatting. 

  • Happy Halloween 


If you are into Halloween, by now you must know the main ingredient of this dish. Soft and fluffy kulcha bread filled with sweetened pumpkin mash. I liked the combination but the pumpkin filling was very less. 

  • Makhan Phal


Cacao butter hive with avocado and lime cream. Very unique, surely delightful and full of lime sweetness. 

  • Life is Short Eat Dessert First


When you finally live life by a saying…yes it happens at Carnival! Sweet and tangy chaat with crispy jalebi, creamy yogurt mousse, potatoes and chickpeas in green chutney. An explosion of so many delectable flavours in the mouth. 

  • Dal Phulka

It is presented in a form of cappuccino but I must clear, it is nothing like a cappuccino instead its a thick lentil soup. To be honest, I was expecting a twist but it was just another lentil soup. 

  • Pulliinji

Thin crispy curry leaf resting on south Indian ginger prawns coated with Palm Sugar Caramel Curry. Beautiful, juicy and moist laced with delicate flavours. Be careful as these are spicy. 


  • Indian Fried Chicken


Chicken coated with bondi crisp, beautifully topped with edible gold and served in a basket with sauce. One of my favourites as the spices and flavours are perfect! 

  • Utterly Butterly


Buttery-like texture and flavor of the cheese toast! The wagyu tenderloin were cooked perfectly! I love the simplicity of this dish (the name as well)

  • Vada Pav services


A strange man shows up with a tool kit dressed as a construction site labor and the minds starts to wonder, what food could be possibly in there? As soon as he opens his box, he spills the secret…it is the famous snack, Vada Pav that all mill workers eat. Simply mind blowing concept! Must have!

  • Drinks

I really cant say much, I mean let the pictures talk..highly impressed with the presentation and the effort to make a drink look eye pleasing and extraordinary cool. As for the taste, all were very sweet for my likings. 


  • Desserts

We were happy to try a different dessert after a long time! It was a colorful platter of ripe guava, apricot, berries and some dry fruits. It might confuse your taste buds but once you dig it in the Guava, the magic begins.

  • Pina Colada


Delicious pineapple beautifully laid in rice pudding and coconut sphere accompanied by a cherry on the top! The texture was perfect and soft. This was my favourite among all the courses! Must have!

  • Indian sweets platter (I named it)

Mesmerizing, magical and mouth-watering! (Watch the video)



We had so much more but I don’t want to spoil the surprise so for now let your eyes enjoy the beautiful creations, 

  • Meatalious


  • Butter chicken


  • Minced meat (I dont know the real name)


  • Carta Farta


  • Mutton Dressed as Lamb


The staff was attentive but they weren’t familiar with the dishes nor they knew the flavors of our drinks. Also, we had over 15 courses and they kept serving without a break which made it very difficult to taste properly, click pictures, snapchat and etc… (Bloggers may understand) 

Overall, it was sort of a successful discovery! As you can tell, the presentation and preparation of each course is done incredibly well! Variety of delicious courses, the ambiance is on point but I have to agree, the services were disappointing. 

For more information,

Thank you Fasiha and rest of the Carnival team! 

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