Flavors of Northwest India- Zafran Indian Bistro

In India, each and every region is famous for its own certain dishes.

The newly renovated Zafran at Mirdif offers north-west Indian classics, from Tandoori Kebabs and wholesome Curries to fragrant Biryanis. It is best known for high quality ingredients and seasoned with home ground spices. 


The newly renovated venue is spacious, lively and stylish yet proves to be a family oriented dining and has contemporary settings with a touch of traditional elements. My parents and I enjoy the vibrant mall atmosphere so we opt to sit outside however they have a seating available towards inside as well.

We were guided by our generous server, he explained us everything in details and made us feel very comfortable. (I am sorry that I can’t remember your name but you were wonderful sir) Without further ado let’s explore the rich and delectable dishes that Zafran India Bistro has to offer.

We began with Juices, Bread, Chicken and Mushroom Soup and salad. Feta and Rocket salad was acceptable but nothing extraordinary. The complimentary Papad with Chutneys were so good! Also, go for Coconut Water, instead of soft drinks or juices. 


Everything tasted fantastic and we managed to empty all the plates. 


  • Dahee Kebaba heavenly combination of textures and taste. The yogurt that came along was a perfect accompaniment. 
  • Papdi Chaat tongue tickling sweet, sour and spicy chat. It has a perfect combination of crunch and mouth-watering flavor of chutneys complimented by goodness of boiled potatoes, chickpeas and sprouted moongs, making it our absoulte fav. Must have!
  • Malai Prawns– a tasty, juicy, tender, and delightful treat! 
  • Paneer– fresh quality and a dense, crumbly texture but the flavours were lacking.
  • Tandoori Chicken– perfectly cooked and not at all dry or rubbery! 

Main Course

After all the great starters, we had high expectations but the main course turned out to be average.The quality of the Biriyani and Curries were fine but the spices failed to impress my taste buds. 


Skip all the sweets and go for the Ras Malai– soft, creamy and decidable! 

Overall, it was sort of a successful discovery as for great quality, delicious appetizers and chutneys selection, top notch services but the main course could have been much better.

For more information, 

  • Call 04 4551672

Thank you Flo Janin and rest of the Zafran team!

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