These Halloween treats are delightful and just a little spooky- Looshi’s

When most people think of Halloween, they think of parades, tricks, treats and parties. Now let’s focus on the treats as I am a true dessertarian and it is an essential part of any celebration. One of my favourites in Dubai, Looshi’s, has introduced Halloween treats and I must warn you, these little monsters are spooky yet delicious!

We had,



These cupcakes are not only eye pleasing but the frosting is perfect. Truth be told, I usually find frosting being too sweet of other bakeries (not to be named) but Looshi’s is creamy and fluffy with balanced flavor. (one of the many reasons, you should try Looshi’s)

  • Monster Claw

Moist and tender lotus flavor cupcakes topped with a fluffy purple frosting and orange claws made out of fondant. Without doubt, my favourite treat among all.

  • Owl

Cheeky looking peanut butter with chocolate owl cupcake. (read more from my previous experience to know about the flavor and other Looshi’s all time favourite treats) 

  • Spider Cookie

These chocolate Spider cookies are perfect for Halloween! They’re filled with chocolate, topped with chocolate drips and crumbled cake shaped into bite-size ball representing the face. It is an absolute adorable cookie monster who is frightened to be eaten but we couldn’t resist it(RIP). The crumbled cake ball definitely added a special touch and now we are wondering to get the same cake flavor in the coming future as it was very enjoyable.

  • Mummy Cake treat


They might look frightening, but these little delights are actually dressed up for Halloween. Yellow cake with a little touch of lotus flavour and frosted with white chocolate. Classic and tasty.

Overall, it was a super successful discovery as for the luscious flavors, beautifully detailed and perfect for all kinds of parties and gatherings. So whether you are fan of treats, or you want to impress your guests….these are the Halloween treats that you don’t want to miss (what are you waiting for?!)

For more information,

Thank you Rana, Alia and the rest of the team! 

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