Do you fancy a 9-course brunch?- Kris With A View

Combining breakfast and lunch into a pleasing fun and lazy weekend brunch is a cheeky idea that we love! When I received a brunch invite from Kris With A View, I had quickly assumed that its going to be a buffet style set up however the newly introduced brunch, ‘Taste of Asia’ is different from other brunches- 9 course set menu, each course prepared carefully with variety to offer for an affordable price and live music to enjoy. Asian themed brunch includes various cuisines such as Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, China and India.


We had,

  • Welcome drink (Pandan & Coconut Slush) 

My mom really enjoyed this layered, gulp worthy and refreshing drink. How do I know this? She asked for it again! 

  • Salad Sampler

A very clever sampler offering all the flavors you most commonly associate with Asian cuisine and it takes your taste buds on a roller-coaster ride. Started with sweet, bitter (Mango and Long Bean Salad) and ended with sweet, tangy (Chana Chaat) however our favourite was the sweet and spicy combination of Malay Rojak which brings the delightful flavors of fruits and vegetables together.

  • Sushi

Delicious and light Maki and Nigiri sushi! Really enjoyed the avocado flavor. It is a risky addition to the menu as not everyone likes sushi (proof: My mom skipped this course) Also, the sauce that came along with it didn’t have any flavor.

  • Soup (Chinese Hot and Sour) 


  • Appetizers

I absolutely loved how the appetizer is served in a platter style. Each bite size appetiser is special with as they belong from different Asian countries. Not to forget, each appetiser is paired with our all time favourite sauces.14875220_1266769236706994_652076245_n

  • Japanese mixed tempura- light and crispy! Tasted even better when dipped in sauce! 
  • Malaysian satays– We have already had their beef and chicken satays at our previous visit (read here). 
  • Chinese mixed dumplings- Succulent and tasty!
    Thai crab and prawn cake- To be honest, it was my first time having a crab and prawn cake. Very soft texture and doesn’t taste bad however I don’t like the after taste. 
  • Indian Samosa and Koftas- favourite among all the appetizers! So juicy and loved the spices. (my mom also got more samosas)
  • Noodles


As it was a Friday, I went to pray and had asked the server to not serve my choice of noodles until I am back but when I came back, the Bee hoon goreng noodles were waiting on the table and they had become very cold which spoiled the taste for me.

  • Green tea sorbet


It was as fancy as it sounds, beautifully presented and a very unique as well as exciting flavor. It completely depends on an individuals liking (I liked it)

  • Main Course

Six small portions were enough for two persons but the main course could have been much better.  We truly enjoyed the Thai Basil Tofu (sweet, crispy and aromatic) (Other  dishes: Szechuan crispy fish, Beef Teriyaki, Lamb Rendang, Tandoori chicken) 

  • Curry

Having a poor appetite, we skipped this course and jumped to the desserts (how can you say no to desserts) Rumour has it, Goan Curry was liked by many so you might want to go for it!

  • Dessert 


I was very excited to try the dessert platter as the names sounded very interesting. Exotic fresh fruits and Pandan meringue were sumptuous! We literally don’t mind having a platter of these two rich and full of flavors treats. Red bean steamed and Chilli chocolate cakes were surely unique but my taste buds disapproved. As for the Creme brulee, it was too sweet for my liking.

Overall, it was a successful discovery! My mom and I had fun time together that bundles lots of food and laughter. This brunch is definitely a steal deal and so worth it however make sure you check the menu so you get a basic idea of all the courses.

For more information, 

  • Call 04 377 1111
  • 9 course set menu (food only)- AED 149 per person 
  • or 9 course set menu (food+soft beverage)- AED 179 per person 
  • or 9 course set menu (food+house beverage)- AED 279 per person 

Thank you Thussar, Jenneyl, Iman, Nerissa and rest of the team! 

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