NH17 at Sea View Hotel: Is the NH17 culinary journey worth it?

If you ever wonder, like I do, NH17 is a highway in India that connects four (Mangalore, Kerala, Goa and Mumbai) coastal states and the restaurant is named in reference to the highway because it offers traditional and popular culinary journey of these coastal states. 

The ambiance of the restaurant is homely with the rustic stone walls, brightly lit lamps and an aquarium to enjoy. It actually felt like an adorable little hut close to the calming waves. It is actually good for an affordable romantic date, if you enjoy the coastal cuisines. 

We had,

Truth to be told, we weren’t completely aware of coastal cuisines so we were a little worried but whats life without risks (HP reference)? You will know in a little while if it was worth the risk…

The menu is surprisingly very vast, as first timers we were confused and took plenty of time to decide until our server realized and saved the day by helping us out so do ask for help if its your first time! The staff is kind, sweet and will be happy to help! 

We were very impressed with the appetizers as all of them were very enjoyable and melt in the mouth kind of glory. 

  • Palak Ki Galouti

Hearing the word palak, and the colour green might make you a little judgement but you can’t leave without having these work of heavens and melt in the mouth flavourful kebab made out of spinach and mashed potatoes. Loved it! 

  • Fish Tikka

A treat for all the spicy food lovers! Simply delicate, tangy, flaky and will make your tummy happy however don’t have too many pieces as these are heavy on the stomach. 

  • More kebabs
  • Main Course

Highly impressed with all the dishes being top-notch in quality and taste. Would suggest to go for the classics, seafood (Fish Curry-creamy and light on the stomach) and vegetarian (Sabzi Handi) variety with the bread basket which includes tandoor roti/naan and butter roti/ naan. 

  • Gulab Jamun 

Skip the desserts and juices and instead go for water.

Overall, it was a successful discovery as for the family friendly ambiance and delicious coastal Indian food was definitely worth the risk which made our tummies happy. 

For more information,

  • Visit
  • or call  043597427

Thank you Anjali and rest of the team.

NH17 Indian Coastal Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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