Grilliant, Jumeirah Rd: brilliant or not? 

 If you are wondering, where did Grilliant come from? Don’t! Because really, their story is quite simple…a clever group of people opened the joint using local homegrown ingredients however we were quite impressed by one of the owner’s (Omar: The Burgers President) dedication, passion and experience and that is when we knew, it’s not as simple as it seems. (Secret: They have a committee of 🍔 and 🌭- yes they are fun too)

Colourful, cosy ambiance will definitely brighten up your mood as you can scribble on the wall and leave a memory behind or just enjoy reading!

We had,

  • Hotdogs 

These classic snacks are eaten worldwide and Grilliant offers the most popular flavors from around the world with their own touch!

We opt for the Danish Hotdog remoulade sauce, white onions, yellow mustard, pickles, ketchup, fried onions and 100g hotdog. Look at that beautiful mess, the filling and portion size is great. As for the taste, it will hit all your buttons (at least it did hit all my buttons). Super crunchy, super fresh, salty, tangy, fresh, creamy, salty and smokey. Definitely worth a try! 

  • Burgers

Grilliant only uses fresh meat (not, processed) for all their burgers and hotdogs. 


Juicy meat in soft (bonus for not being buttery) buns with impressive quantity as well as the quality of all the ingredients (cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and thousand island sauce)


You must sink your teeth into this  delicious burger made with a bottle burger process (a cup of minced beef covered with bacon), blend of beef bacon and finely chopped mushrooms. Quite enjoyed the brown sauce. 

  • Fries

Grilliant fries 

This is not your typical fries. It’s a roller-coaster of delightful flavours. (minced beef, cheddar cheese, crispy onions, thousand island) I especially loved the crispy onions, fried to perfection! Must have! 

  • Beverages 

Chai Karak

You thought it couldn’t get any better?! Well, it just did because they serve Karak as well! A burger eatery serving karak is absolutely cool and we love it! 

Brilliant quality, quantity and taste with affordable prices. We finally ticked off another burger eatery in Dubai from our list and added it to ‘one of the best’ list!

For more information,

Thank you Omar and rest of the team!

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