Need More Sleep? Give These Five Hacks A Try


Are you one of those people who gets up on time and still rushes into the shower, throw on some clothes, and run out the door!? We all know it’s hard to keep up with an everyday busy routine and that’s when some extra sleep is like a blessing. If you are missing on some sleep just because of deciding on what to wear or other tasks then this is how I keep up! 

1- Decide your clothes for the rest of the week




This is a personal tip. Literally nothing makes me happy than getting up and already having clothes waiting for me! Take out 30 mins from your Fri-yay and get rest of the five days outfits ready! (Trust me, it works) 



2- Calculate maximum time for each task



This might sound silly however it does help if know you like to get some extra sleep specifically for a reason (you slept late and etc). It’s like a challenge for yourself, you are the player as well as the judge. It helps you keep track of time and get ready on time! 


3- Prepare your bag 



This is a very common and essential tip that I still fail to follow at times. No matter how tired you are, you need to prepare your bag in the night because it will take some good amount of time in the morning and you will definitely forget something. There is no way out, folks! 


4-Organize your jewellery


I don’t know if you are judging me after reading this or not. But this has been very useful to me! Put a silver set in one container and gold set in one container to be organised. If you are wearing silver/golden, take the small container along and wear it later on your way! 


5- Disposable cups can be your best friends


I am a tea person and can’t get my day started without tea. It’s rare but I do get late (oh c’mon, humans make mistakes). So let’s assume, you travel by the bus and your cup is waiting for you but you have no time to drink it neither you can take the cup along, what would you do? Just put it in the plastic cup! 


I hope you like my personal unusual tips! Let me know what you think!? 



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