Staycation: I had hot chocolate at 3 am! (Hilton Garden Inn, Mall of the Emirates) 

19866592_1528597060524209_560735379_nHave you ever wondered why people do staycations? There might be plenty of reasons but personally I believe, everyone needs some respite from the stresses of the daily grind! You know what I mean, don’t you?

Thanks to Hilton Garden Inn for a much-needed staycation. Reviewing staycations has been very debatable however I am going to be as honest as I can be. Here are some yay’s and nah’s from my own personal experience. 



  • If I was a tourist, location would have been the best advantage for me because MOE and the metro station is very close, just 2-3 mins walk. Other than that, supermarkets /pharmacies / fast food and restaurants were all close by. 5/5 to the location as a tourist as well as a resident.
  • I like to relax, rest and all the things that makes me happy on a staycation. Ofcourse, food makes every one of us happy. I am highly impressed that they have a 24 hours bakery, yes you read that right. Even if you are craving at 3pm, they are there for you! (Secret: I sipped on hot chocolate at very odd times) The 24-hour Pavilion Pantry has ready-to-cook meals, drinks, souvenirs and travel supplies.
  • Breakfast buffet

Truth to be told, I like breakfast as simple as possible- just like at Garden Grille! The buffet ranges from eggs to DIY pancakes, from coffee to juices and much more… 

  • Swimming pool 

Believe me or not, I jumped into the pool the day we checked in and oh, it was lovely- quite, peaceful with buildings all around it kind of a pool! 

  • Room
  1. Clean
  2. Wifi available 
  3. Room services 
  4. Amenities
  5. Not bad interiors
  6. Privacy
  7. Peaceful environment


  • Dinner 

At Garden Grille, all the dishes are aimed to be healthy so not everyone might like the taste or would simply prefer something else. Honestly, the food is not bad at all but I rather eat carefree on a staycation. Big shout out to the restaurant staff for being super awesome! (Tip: if you are like me, not into healthy eating, Mall of the Emirates is just 2 minutes away (walking) from the hotel) 

  • View

​View makes everything better. It’s not possible nor necessary for all the hotels to have a view however it is like a brownie point. The view of our room was a parking area in Barsha! Altho, I have to accept that there was no disturbance or as such noise. It was peaceful throughout.

  • No bathtub 

I am only mentioning this because I bought my lush bath bomb and couldn’t use it! 

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Overall, it was a successful discovery! I would definitely recommend it to a friend as for great hospitality, affordable rates (DHS 250+ per night for our king room) and best location with easy access to everything! 

For more information, 

Thank you Hilton Garden Inn!


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