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Quattro Dubai: What makes this vegetarian eatery stand out? 

9abe1461-f103-4de6-a2b9-ced6051dbd21I discovered a perfect place for lunch where good quality and ‘presentation on point’ kind of food is served at a reasonable price. Now, let me tell you more about the vegetarian eatery that offers fusion of Italian and Mexican, Quattro. Herbivores should definitely visit Quattro but the real question is, will non-vegetarians enjoy it?

Quattro, which means four in Italian (incase if you were wondering) is lively and stylish while being family oriented. I definitely liked the random unique element- a huge tree in the middle of the restaurant. I mean, why not?


What we had, 

Note: Before I begin, I will to confess that the servers asked us if we like mushrooms which I do but like a fool, I completely forgot about truffles and said yes. Unfortunately, few of the dishes had truffles and I don’t fancy truffles at all. So it was completely my fault and it’s unfair to review those dishes.

  • Drinks

We were served with Berry mojito and Basil cooler. They might seem simple but they were a magical and refreshing start to our lunch! Also, beware that mojito had a hint of spice (totally depends on how much spicy you can handle)

  • Starters

TaquitosI would like to call this dish, a roller coaster ride! These delicious gluten-free fried cones were a treat to the eyes as well as our tastebuds- colourful with fresh beans, jalapeño, tomatoes delicacies and a scoop of avocado ice cream. I can’t forget the amazing explosion of flavours in my mouth! 

Filo parcel- Little flaky pastry were heavenly, filled with spied corn and olives and every bite was a satisfying crunch. 

Olive and mushroom Crostini- Specification of green olives served on a toasted baugtee slice with mushrooms.


  • Main Course

Cottage cheese Succulent and lightly spiced smooth cottage cheese along with orange rice and mushroom sauce. It is as good as it sounds- rich, tasty and visually appealing! I am not a big fan of the sauce however the paneer won my heart! I am definitely going back for it!

Al Funghi- tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, garlic flakes, oregano and basil with truffle oil.

  • Dessert (all of them are eggless and gelatin free)

Tres Leches- I will let you know about it in one hashtag, #MUSTHAVE (warning: you might droll while watching the video below)

The moment of truth for all the non-vegetarians out there, both the cuisines are like an unexpected surprise, you can’t tell the ingredients until you taste it. If you are that kind of a person (or not), have Quattro!

Overall, it was a sort of a successful discovery. To be honest, I didn’t like everything since I don’t like truffles (as I mentioned earlier) however there were few dishes which made my tummy happy.  Not to forget, the lovely atmosphere, cool gastronomy and unique flavours!

For more information

  • Call- 04 2753179

Thank you Quattro for having us!


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