Aubaine Dubai: What do the people of France typically eat for breakfast?

You have read all about Aubaine’s hit afternoon tea on this blog. Now it’s time to talk about their Parisian breakfast! 

When I read Parisian (not Persian- yes I read that first), I did a little bit of research to know what do the people of France typically eat for breakfast? It turns out The French don’t eat big breakfasts, and this is especially true in Paris. The typical Parisian breakfast consists bread with jams, and croissants, paired with an orange juice. At Aubaine, this is somewhat exactly we were served along with little else (of course the people in Dubai like to eat more) 


The basket full of breads and croissants along with jams definitely was a hit on our table. The croissants were fluffy and absolutely delicious with a cup of a beautiful cappuccino. 

As for the little more, we opt for Egg florentine and Pancakes (duh). 


You must be wondering what’s the difference between egg florentine and egg benehtic because they look exactly same. Well, google says, florentine is the healthier version. The portion is small than usual breakfast serving but it makes sense as we had croissants earlier.

Pancake- I got chocolate (no, it wasn’t Nutella) pancakes. Now, if you are kind of a person who likes too much sweet and chocolaty pancakes then this is not for you. I actually liked the fact that it wasn’t too sweet because I didn’t feel heavy right in the morning. 


Coffee Masterchef class- I rarely drink coffee but I was so excited to learn all the pretty art the talened barista makes on your coffee (hoping to make Taylor Swift one day). The session was fun and it was interesting to learn that how careful you have to be while making a CUP of coffee. The little details matter. 

For more information, 

  • Call: 04 5016970

It was a lovely morning filled with lots of coffee and croissants. Thank you Aubaine Dubai and team MOJO.

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