Labbys The Hellenic House: A hidden gem or not?

Labbys is all about the combination of authentic Hellenic flavours with a hint of contemporary. I was super impressed with the relaxed atmosphere and whitewashed interiors. I was also happy to know that I won't be gaining too many calories as healthy options are available.

We had,

As first timers we were a little bit confused as there is plenty to choose from but our server saved the day by helping us out so do ask for help if it's your first time! The staff is kind, sweet and will be happy to help! 

Gyros salad: If you're fond of gyros, you'll enjoy this fresh chicken gyros salad showcasing lettuce, greek cheese, cherry tomatoes with a tangy honey orange dressing. We absolutely loved it and no wonder it's one of the most loved dishes!

Dip platter:Light and refreshing start to our meal with four of the best Greek flavours (tzatziki, fava, triokafteri and eggplant)! My favourite dip was tzatziki, I dipped my pita bread throughout our meal!

Lamb chops with hand cut fries:Mediterranean style spice and seasoned with oregano. The chops were delicious and didn't last for long however didn't fancy the herb seasoning on the fries. 

Pastitsio:"Pastitsio is a creamy, cheesy pasta dish that is sometimes called Greek lasagna, but it's made with large tubular pasta" If you leave without trying the Baked Pastitsio, then you are certainly missing out- full of cheesy goodness. It is just incredible and my favourite out of all the dishes. My sister loved it as well. 

Sokolatopita  I was so happy to try a greek dessert and glad to say, i am not disappointed. Chocolate cake with chocolate syrup and a velvety chocolate ganache glaze along with vanilla ice cream. Every bite was rich, not too sweet and super delicious. 

I read in many reviews that it's costly but
I disagree as the portion size is good enough for two people. 


verall, it was a successful discovery as for its location and delightful food. JLT is known for many hidden gems and labby definitely tops the list (what are you waiting for?)

Labbys The Hellenic House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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