Birthday Note: I don’t know about you but I am feeling 22.

It was just yesterday that I celebrated my 21st birthday and now I am 22 years old. 2017 felt like the fastest roller coaster (like the one in Ferrari World) yet brought us so many ridiculously amazing things. 

Let’s start with the memes, and then, of course, the fidget spinner that I have saved for my kids (no, I don’t have kids yet).

My favorite meme

Moreover, more important affairs like understanding self-worth and the adult life. 

Things I learned when I was 21…

  • It’s okay to be an adult

There is a phase in your life where you pretend to be someone else or like people knowing you that way but one day, you will get tired of that and realize that if people want to be with you…they have to accept the way you are. Before that, you will have to accept yourself. Even if you are a mess and honestly that’s how you grow up. I literally sleep early on Thursday’s and that’s okay because I deserve it.

  • It’s okay to feel alone

It’s the hardest to get over certain people who were once important in your life. Crying your heart out or feeling miserable is normal and eventually one day, you will find yourself back and everything will be better.

  • Letting go a toxic friend

It’s true, you don’t know who your real friends are until you are in deep trouble. Sometimes you have to lose that friend.

  • The work life

Every single job is important…it’s beautiful to meet different personalities and learn so much! Especially, if you work at a school (yes, me).

Being 21 does seem difficult, dealing with the over-complex world but you will learn so much and be thankful for all the experiences just like I am. Thank you, everyone, for the lovely birthday wishes!

Here are some pictures of my surprise birthday: 

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