Questions for Nazish

An online firm wanted to blog about me so they asked few questions and I sent back the answers to them but then it never got published. Is there a hashtag for a situation like this? Let me know. So instead I am posting it on my blog (I promise I am not self-obsessed)!

Here are the questions:

  • Who are you?

I am Nazish otherwise known as Discover with Nazish (yes, sometimes other bloggers literally call me that). I have been discovering restaurants, cities, and things I love for about a year and a half.

  • Do companies approach you or do you approach them and how do interact with them (via social media/in person)?

I personally don’t prefer approaching companies because, at some point, I might feel that I don’t have a voice for any ideas or opinions. Also, you know that they are 100% happy to work with you. Email is the best way to interact or in person but never on social media as it is very informal. 

  • What attributes do you look for in companies that you choose to represent?

Companies who can accept the truth about their product/services and appreciate the time and energy that takes to create content. 

  • What type of companies do you avoid or reject offers from?

Anything that I know I won’t enjoy. I don’t want to waste precious time for both the parties and end up writing a negative review. 

  • Do you always get paid for marketing brands/how do you generate value for the services you provide?

To be honest, I never got paid in terms of money yet. If I ever do, the value would depend on the type of content required. 

  • Which industry that you’ve partnered with has been you’re best so far? 

I mostly collaborate with restaurants and it’s definitely the best (who doesn’t like food?) Moreover, I have recently started partnering with other industries and hospitality is so much fun! 

  • What advice would you give startup bloggers for expanding the audience and getting noticed?

Just be yourself. People will always appreciate blogs with unique and interesting content.

  • What advice would you give companies/brands looking for influencers to market them?

Don’t choose influencers for the sake of their followers. Quality over quantity is what I believe in! 

Hope you enjoyed! 

3 thoughts on “Questions for Nazish

      1. I mean Nazish that it may be because of your number of followers they were looking for….
        Because if they publish they need to recover it.

        There are other several reasons…
        May be I am wrong.☺


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