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Dubai Food Festival 2018: Etisalat Beach Canteen


Calling all foodies: the ultimate food festival that delivers local eats, dishes from around the world, hands-on cooking demos, and beautiful views.

We tasted more than 20 dishes and these are the ones we enjoyed the most,

  • Maiz Tacos


We met the awesome owner and she filled us with all the information. They make everything fresh and are true to their Mexican roots! Their beef smoked short rib was a crunchy mess and fun to eat! Oh yes, don’t forget to click pictures with the Instagram worthy truck!

  • Unicorn fries from Roux Dubai


The colorful trend that always wins. I am a big fan of fries and I loved how Roux is experimenting with different flavors, some of them being Cheetos, marshmallows, cheese and so much more!

  • Chick n Cone


This was definitely a crowd pleaser and my favorite unique offering. The combination of a waffle cone and BBQ chicken was surprisingly a hit!

  • Project Chaiwala


You just don’t get chai here, but they create a street like atmosphere. We had their signature chai and it was fresh and perfect for the weather.

  • Doh


I usually opt for chocolate glazed donuts but I am glad we tried the pistachio ones as well! Super soft and moist! The flavor works quite well.

  • Black lemonade from Frings


Have you seen black lemonade around the internet? Yes, I have and now finally tasted it! It doesn’t taste bad at all. It’s refreshing and I don’t mind having another one.

This is just a few that we mentioned, there are more than 30 trucks and vendors that you may like. It is literally all in one package-you get to try delicious food from around the world, see city’s top chefs in action and chill at the beach! Dubai Food Festival is bigger and better this year (Feb 22 to Mar 10). 

For more information, visit –




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