Medley, Pullman Dubai: Chef Sweety makes the Best Paneer

Indian cuisine is known for it’s spicy and aromatic flavors and that’s exactly what Medley offers under the supervision of the well-known Chef Sweety.

Medley has a relaxed atmosphere and there is plenty of space to move around unlike most of the other buffets, making the experience very comfortable. The buffet spread is all over the place as you may enjoy the elegant decor- rich mahogany wood tables and marble flooring.

What we always have and love at Art of Spice Night, 

  • Salad 


A wide range of fresh and colorful salads- assorted, Arabian and Mediterranean mix. Always a great start to the buffet. 

  • Kebabs


My favorite part of the buffet and I literally kept going back to fill my plate with Paneer. This is the best paneer that I have ever tasted- dense crumbly texture and cooked to perfection! The meat and chicken tikka are delicious as well! Along with kebabs, fresh Roti is served including garlic naan. Must have! 

  • Desserts 


Both international and Indian desserts and sweets are beautifully waiting for you in an array. 

(Shahi tukray. fruits, halwa, barfi, brownies, tarts, etc…)

  • Soups (pepper and chicken broth), pani puri lassi, karak chai, briyani , curries and other main courses are available as well! 


This was our third time to Medley and we will keep coming back for Chef Sweetys delicacies. You should too!

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