First Time Experiences

First Time: Massage (my concerns and reality to those)

If anyone of you is going to judge me then I am completely fine with that because I am not a fancy gal who likes to get manicures and pedicures done every month. I am just another student who occasionally likes to treat themselves.


I went to Tao Spa with an experienced friend who has done multiple massages and is now an expert (unofficially). Also, helped with the initial steps.

Firstly, we were asked to fill a form which asked for personal details, the type of treatment you will like to go for, and which part you would like to avoid and which should be the focus area. I appreciate this option very much as I don’t prefer the private parts to be touched.

Then we were also asked to choose an oil and the spa was aware that it was my first time so they were very accommodating and had us smell all four of their oils. Believe me or not, it was fun smelling and choosing a oil. I choose rose and my friend, Rama, choose jasmine as it reminded her of her mom (check the video below).

Once you are done with the massage, you either take a shower or dry yourself with wet towel.

As for the treatment, we both choose muscle tension and oh we needed it!

My concerns and reality to those.

  • omg, I am going to be completely naked

The thought of being naked in front of a stranger was uncomfortable and I did tell my massage therapist that it’s my first time because I was nervous. Turns out that it was totally normal and my massage therapist asked me to knock once I was ready and dimmed the lights. After all, I was covered in sheets. I don’t know if this is safe to share but I didn’t remove my bra and then I was asked to (hashtag totally embarrassing).

  • do I need to shave my body? Will be I judged for not doing it

I had waxed a day before because in general, I wouldn’t like hairy legs or hands when I am out. So I just asked her, and surprisingly, she doesn’t mind either ways.

  • What if the pressure is not less or more?

The best way out is to speak and let your massage therapist know if it’s the right pressure for you or not. I prefer strong pressure on my back and feet and that’s what I got because I opened my mouth!

Overall, I am glad I did it…it felt nice to treat my body and get rid of few of the knots on my neck. I am not going to be a regular but I surely wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Thank you Tao Spa for a good first-time experience! My friend mentioned that this is one of the few spas that offer warm towel for the neck during the massage.

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