First Time Experiences

First Time: Kayaking in Hatta

On one ordinary morning, I was googling what can we do on a friends birthday beside having dinner or going to a party. I couldn’t find anything different but going through my sisters Instagram (actually stalking her) helped, she went for kayaking to Hatta a few weeks ago. 

Now before I try anything new, I always have several questions in my head that probably google can’t answer. 

My experience, 

It was one and a half drive so we left early morning to avoid the strong humidity in Dubai. We had breakfast on our way, we initially decided for McDonald’s but our desi hearts wanted to have tea and paratha (you know me). 

  • Was it hot? 

To be honest, I was worried that I will be sweating all the time which won’t let me enjoy the experience but fortunately, the weather in the morning is better than the afternoon. We didn’t sweat until it was 12pm. So you will have to be there by 9pm but eventually, the weather will get better in Dubai. 

  • Can anyone do it or some kind of experience is needed? 

I find this very funny. My friend and I were on a double boat and we both have studied physics but we miserably failed for the first 15 minutes. Being on the double boat means you have to row together in order for the boat to move so it took us time to ace that but once we got the hang of it, we were pretty good at it! The tip is not overthinking about it and just going on with a flow. If you want to go right: you row left and vice versa. You will be okay. 

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The sea is calling me ☀️ 🐚 #MyDubai #KeepDiscovering

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  • What kind of clothes should I wear? 

When you are rowing, the water may be splashed on your legs so yes, don’t wear your new clothes. They key is to wear comfortable clothing. 

  • Should we get a double or single boat? 

My friend was very nervous so we got a double boat (don’t be a bad friend) but we later realized it would have been much easier to learn on a single boat. 

Would we do it again? A thousand times yes

We thought of doing something different for a birthday and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. It’s like you are far away from the city life with sounds of birds chirping, water splashing with bearable mountain view and sunshine rays. You can only understand if you experience it. So go on more adventures. I learned that it is good to try new things once in a while. 

And for all the students, it’s not expensive (AED 60 per person for a single boat, AED 150 for a double boat for two people).

You are welcome for your next celebration plans! 

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