Things I buy with One Dirham

I am sure many of you must have read similar posts but this is what I love and get with a dirham. 

  • Chai (tea)


If you are new to this blog, you should know that I drink tea a lot. Like, A LOT. If you are not new and you did not know…shame on you!

  • Samosa

The Indian vegetarian Samosa is everything.

  • McDonalds vanilla cone ice cream


We all think of this when we think of a dirham. I have read that McDonalds have started charging 2 DHS but the one close to my house is still for a Dirham (lucky me)!

  • Plain Paratha 


Perfectly paired with tea. Just out of curiosity, do you guys dip the paratha in your chai? I do!

  • Tiffany Creams biscuit 


I dip biscuits too in chai.

  • A small bottle of water 

Thank you to the vending machine in my building, VAT is not applied yet. 

The prices may vary at different supermarkets but I do get these things for a dirham (promise). Let me know in the comment below if you like something and it just costs you a dirham!

(this is not sponsored and all the pictures are clicked by me)


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