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Birthday Note (late): I am feeling 23!

I might be a little dramatic but I am sad that I won’t be able to sing ‘I am feeling 22’ by Taylor Swift while being 22 anymore because I turned 23 years old on 1st February 2019. I can’t believe that it has been few months since I have turned 23 but I always do a birthday post and this one feels like a special one.

Being 22 felt like growing up but in the best possible way. It’s not too serious and not too fun but the age you realize that a world is ahead of you and it is okay to explore, discover, and wander.

Lessons that I learnt being 22

  • I am still young enough to not know exactly what we want or where we are headed.
    Little things don’t matter and it’s easy to get over them because you have become stronger and gained the strength to accept.


  • Loneliness is viewed as self chosen instead of a sad emotion. Sometimes I just want to sit on my own and have a dount and it’s not because I am sad but just because I will like to have some me time and trust me, it’s essential.


  • The friendships you have formed will be meaningful and have a huge impact on life. These kind of friendships are those that allow you to cry on a call with your friends at 2 am and it’s normal.


  • You are not embarrassed to say you are broke and talk about the real struggles and connect with others. Everyone has a struggle, it is nice to be able to relate and understand that you are not alone.

Being 22 is a developing age which you might love and hate at the same time but you will definitely learn so much and be thankful for all the experiences just like I am. Thank you everyone for making 22 worth it!

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