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Fumo Lounge by Rosso, Amwaj Rotana: Is it Shisha or Sheesha?

I am not a big fan of shisha but I enjoy shisha outings as I can chill with friends for long hours, play games and eat! 

The latest concept is known as Fumo Lounge by Rosso, a shisha concept along with signature dishes from the hotel’s popular restaurants. The venue is amazing- cosy outdoors with comfortable sofas and very peaceful. It might get crowded but the tables are spread out which maintains privacy. 


As we all know, Amwaj Rotana never disappoints with customer service
and every time, it gets better. Not only one server but all of their team members were considerate and made sure that the customers are having a great time. 



Peaceful outdoor lounge to smoke shisha while enjoying the music, drinks and sunset! The shisha starts from AED 85 which can be easily shared by two as it lasts longer.  We also, opt to play available board games.


The food menu consists of signature dishes from all the restaurants in the hotel, Amwaj Rotana which simply means you get to taste a bit from all the cuisines.


  • Mezze (Hummus, Avacado Hummus and Moutabel)
  • Tempura













Main course

The main course dishes were Kebab, Grilled Chicken and Shrimps.



We ended our meal with two of their best desserts, Kunafa and Chocolate Lava Cake.


I would definitely be going back to Fumo Lounge by Rosso in the winter as we spend many hours smoking shisha and chilling with friends after we were done eating. My favourite was Cold Mezze, Mocktails, Pizza, Kebab and the desserts!