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Questions for Nazish (Part 2)

A university student wanted to interview a foodie for her class project and these were the questions that I had to answer. I am sharing the answers for fun! 

Here are the questions (and answers):

  • How would you describe yourself? I am Nazish otherwise known as Discover with Nazish (yes, sometimes other bloggers literally call me that). It’s a Persian name and its literal meaning is ‘proud’. I am genetically half Pakistani and half Indian, born in Abu Dhabi and have been spending all my life in the city of dreams, Dubai with my wonderful family. I have been discovering restaurants, cities, and things I love for about a year and a half.


  • What do you do currently? I am a tech geek; therefore, I am doing bachelors in Computer Science.


  • When did you develop a liking for writing and blogging? What made you start a food blog? I always had a kick for writing (I used to be a contributor writer at Business Buzz and One8One Magazine) and wished to have my own blog but was never sure of the content or where to begin.  Also, I was a choosy eater and never had tasted half of the best existing food (Yet have to taste charcoal ice cream…there is just so much).  Passion for writing and curiosity of food resulted into reviewing.


  • What do you love most about being a food blogger? It’s amazing to socialize with readers/bloggers and share similar stories and experiences. It definitely boasts up the confidence and makes us realize the power of social media. And of course, who doesn’t like free food?


  • Have you been able to influence people with your opinions about certain restaurants/ cafes? I am happy to share my honest opinion and it’s their choice to believe it or not!


  • What is your favorite place to eat at? Or a place you’ve been to/ suggest others to go? I am in a dilemma as there are way too many restaurants that I love. I am a big fan of Instagram worthy spots (obviously): Last Exit, Al Seef, Citywalk, and Lamer. My go to places would be: Aubaine Café, Logma, Poco Loco, Shake Shack, Big Smoke Burger and Freez.


  • What advice would you give to other bloggers? Originality is the key to success. Just be yourself. People will always appreciate blogs with unique and interesting content.


  • What are your plans for the future regarding the blog and popular Instagram page? Blogging is not easy. By that I mean, blogging is not just about free goodies. It is when you give your time and believe me or not, the time factor plays a huge role- going to events, tastings and building an audience. I hope I can always give my 100% and keep it entertaining as well as collaborate more with brands and other bloggers!

Hope you enjoyed! 

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