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Student Life: Do you miss your university days?

University is like a trial phase of life – an exciting and nerve-wracking journey. 

  • Welcome to Adulthood

The most important realization, I have entered adulthood and everything is up to me to learn. It simply means your parents have stopped monitoring your progress. All of a sudden, I was the sole owner of my decisions and the consequences of those decisions.

uni 3

  • Art of time

Believe me or not, time can be your biggest enemy or your best friend. You have to manage multiple task at once along with your social life and a few pinches of stress. Managing time will have a great effect on your grades, sleep, social life and etc.. There isn’t so much of a social life as a working student. It was the most difficult to manage time in the first semester along with work. I was struggling with assignments submission, studying for quizzes and sleep became a stranger but eventually, I mastered the art of time. 

  • Everyone is different 

Everyone comes from a different background, and you will just have to accept that. You will meet people with different opinions and personalities and some of them might become trouble for you. In the beginning, it felt strange to not be able to find a connection with anyone and have a different mindset as well as dress differently and hearing people talk about it. Being optimistic was the best option to save myself from being devastated. Moreover, accepting people and learning to adjust with them and knowing that being different from others is okay helped through the semester. I have made wonderful friends over the years. 

uni 2

  • Supporting Actors 

You will like some teachers and some not so much. All the teachers have their unique style of teaching and at the university level, there can be nothing done about that. I have a great respect for all the teachers but the way they teach reflects in our studies. When the teachers weren’t supportive, it was easy to lose interest and just aim to pass rather than work hard and learn new concepts. 

University is like a trial phase of life where you will get many chances to pick the pieces of your mistakes. The first semester wasn’t perfect; I made mistakes, I didn’t have friends and I had failed tests. With every step, a lesson was learned and had an impact on my life inside and outside the class. We are having online sessions and I already miss being at university! Not sure how it will feel once it’s all over, well, maybe you will read another blog post!?

Do you miss your university life? 



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