TV shows that I like: Which show are you binge-watching?

Nowadays the most common conversational topic (after the virus) is TV shows! I am sharing a list of shows that I enjoyed and would recommend.

On Netflix: 

  • Brooklyn Nine Nine


I know that you probably watched BB9 but the list is incomplete without it. It is more about the characters, friendship, social issues and romance for me than that they are all cops. I am guilty of watching it multiple times. 

  •  Derry Girls


Definitely an underrated sitcom which needs more seasons and more episodes! I find it different from many other shows as it is based on a town called Derry, in Northern Ireland where a huge political conflict took place in the 1900s. It highlights issues in a very sensible way with tons of laughter. The characters have a unique set of mindsets, views, and attitudes, you will honestly wish to know more about Ireland after watching the show. Can I be friends with James? 

  • Jane the Virgin


Honestly, over the top and cheesy with twists about a life of a girl, Jane! Jane is all of us and our crazy imaginations and thoughts! Season 4 is a drag but the series ended beautifully.  

  • Sense8


A weird but completely original plot that is not for everyone but just for this reason, it is worth watching. A group of people are connected through minds and the interaction between characters is very interesting. (Not for kids – lots of adult scenes)

  • Black Mirror 

tenor (1)

All about dark advanced technology that will rule the world or ruin it. Each episode has a different storyline. I had to stop watching it for a while as it got too dark for me and I needed a break from all the possible terrifying realities. You won’t understand what I mean until you watch it.


  • 9-1-1
Shocking, sad and scary experiences and situations that first responders deal with including the 9-1-1 calls. Not easy to watch but it is interesting. You can find clips on Facebook if you don’t want to watch the full show. 
Hope you enjoyed reading! Feel free to leave your recommendations below. Be safe! 

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