My Experience with the Keto Diet (Part 1)

It is 4:33 AM and I am writing my thoughts down. It’s basically like talking to a paper with a pen but in this case, talking to phone notes with a virtual keyboard.

What am I doing for the next 30 days?

I have decided to do a ketogenic diet (Keto)! ‘This is probably not a big deal for many but it is for me as I have never done any sort of diet in my life and I have the biggest sweet tooth so this is definitely going to be very challenging but I hope to at least do 30 days. 

I want to do the most strict form of keto diet in order to get the best results. My plan is based on lots of research and inspired by sisters diet coach, Maria Imran.

Why did I decide to lose weight?

This pandemic has somehow motivated me to push myself and achieve my goals. One of my goals is to love myself again and lately, I am not liking my body at all. I want to work on it and lose all the weight that I gained over the years because of eating lots of junk food with no exercise at all.  

Is Keto the best way to lose weight? 

In my opinion, the most healthy way is to start eating healthy along with working out daily and you will gradually notice a difference. As for Keto, you eat in a regulated and supervised way with limited food options and you need to take supplements to avoid any side effects. Keto is debatable but I want to give it a try while I am home quarantining. I am keeping my goal for a month and making the most out of this pandemic to work on myself. 

I currently weigh 74.9 KGs and hopefully you will be reading part 2 within a week!

What are your goals for the year 2020?

*Note: I am not recommending anyone, I am just sharing my experience*

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