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My Experience with the Keto Diet (Part 2)

One week of Keto is done and three more weeks to go. I won’t lie but it felt like a lifetime but I feel much more confident that I will be able to do it.

What was easy?

  • Breakfast

I don’t mind eggs which made it easy to have them with cheese every morning. One of the days, I treated myself with vegetable omelette and it felt like a blessing.

  • Hangouts

The biggest blessing is Starbucks Half-half (black coffee with thick cream), at least I didn’t feel the FOMO (Fear of being left out) while everyone is sipping on much tastier drinks. Definitely wanted to have a croissant but at least I could drink. Another blessing is living in Dubai and finding Charcoal Chicken or kebab literally at almost all cafeterias and restaurants.  The Keto-friendly coffee and food made hangouts feel normal.

What was hard?

  • Drinking water

In Keto, it is important to drink lots of water and apparently I only used to drink 2-3 glass of water every day and now I am drinking almost 4 litres every day which means I am peeing all the time and lots of petrol pump stops to use the restroom.

  • Energy level 

My body is still adjusting to the change. Day 3 was the hardest where I woke up with no energy and power in my body and had to push myself for breakfast but felt better after having food.

What kept me motivated?

  • Weighing machine

Waiting for the next morning to see how much I have lost. It is always exciting even if I just lost 0.1.

  • Family 

My family could tell that my double chin is going in which was super satisfying to hear.

How much did I lose in a week?

3.3 KGs 

I am keeping my goal for a month and making the most out of this pandemic to work on my body.  I currently weigh 71.6 KGs and hopefully you will be reading part 3 soon!

(Read part 1 here)

What are your goals for the year 2020?

*Note: I am not recommending anyone, I am just sharing my experience*




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