Hello and welcome to Discover with Nazish!


My name is Nazish. If it sounds complicated, call me Naz or anything you like! It’s a Persian name and its literal meaning is ‘proud’. I am genetically half Pakistani and half Indian, born in Abu Dhabi and have been spending all my life in the city of dreams, Dubai with my wonderful family.

I am a coding geek and a dessertarian who enjoys eating copious amounts of snack food all the time and everything Taylor Swift. Not to forget, my #ApartmentGoal is to have Burj Khalifa as my view or maybe live in New York City?

In my spare time, I bake or wish Harry Potter and series Friends were never ending or get extremely emotional while watching movies or admire Jess from New Girl.

About the blog…

In this place, I am hoping to create a bond with the readers when I share something that we have in common through stories and experiences. I would like to mention that this blog is mainly focusing on food reviews but as time passes, there will be so much more to it!

To be honest, I was a choosy eater and never had tasted half of the best existing food.  I never bothered to taste seafood and decided that ‘I don’t like’ but when I had an opportunity to review a seafood restaurant, then smoked salmon became my absolute favourite dish. Moreover, I am currently writing for student magazines (Business Buzz and One8one magazine) In conclusion,  passion for writing and curiosity of food resulted into reviewing and starting a #discovery journey of being a foodie.

View my food journey on Zomato!

It would be unfair, if I don’t agree that Zomato has helped me to discover great places , review them and build an audience. #ZomatoDubai will always be my favourite application and I will continue writing reviews there as well. I am a verified reviewer and you may enjoy reading my reviews. Click here to know more.

For suggestions, recommendations, inquires, invites or if you simply want to be friends…

  • email me at discoverwithnazish@gmail.com

Thank you to all those who have always encouraged and inspired me.